Retargeting 7 Min Read

Your Retargeting Cheat Sheet

Written by Tim Edmundson

If you’re new to the world of retargeting, or just looking for a refresher, we’ve got you covered. Check out these helpful hints on how to target and reach your customers, and get them back to convert.

Before you get started, be sure to complete the following.

  • Identify your buying cycle | For inexpensive products with a quick purchase window, like shoes or apparel, keep it short. Stretch your buying cycle longer if it’s an expensive purchase that requires a lot of deliberation, like a flight or cruise.
  • Ensure you have a product feed | Some advertising platforms use your site’s product feed to insert products directly into your retargeting ads. However with SteelHouse, no product feed is necessary — the SteelHouse pixel dynamically and seamlessly pulls products into your ads automatically, saving what can be a time-consuming process.
  • Create segments based on your customer’s journey | Poor retargeting performance can often be attributed to “one size fits all” campaigns, with broad messaging served to all site visitors. Drive more conversions by pairing messaging and offers with customers based on where they are in the buying journey.

Consideration Campaigns

Whether they’re just dipping their toes in the water, researching your brand or products, or spending a lot of time on your site without taking action, these users aren’t quite ready to convert. It’s time to pique their interest.

Just in Market
> 4+ Page Visits
> 1 Site Visit
> 0 Products Added to Cart

Who They Are: People who browsed your site but are still learning about your brand and your products.

How to Engage Them: Use product carousels to show off your best selling items. These are particularly useful for visitors who didn’t click around a lot on your website to see the breadth of your offering.

Reluctant Shoppers
> 1-3 Page Views
> 1 Site Visit
> 0 Products Added to Cart

Who They Are: People who visited your site just once but clicked around more than the average first-time visitor.

How to Engage Them: Present them with a modest offer; it may be enough to push these customers over the edge.

Consideration Campaign Creative Tips
Show Your Logo | Ads with prominent logos perform 12% better than those with small or logos that blend into the background.
State Your Promo | Ensure your offer is clear; whether it’s free shipping, or 20% off, don’t let that message get lost.

Conversion Campaigns

It’s time to get aggressive with your offers and bids. Users close to converting are considering who to purchase from, so it’s important you give your brand the extra edge. Pull out all the stops and ensure when they click “Buy,” it’s with you.

Highly Engaged
> 2+ views to specific product page
> 0 products added to cart

Who They Are: People who have shown enough interest in a specific product to view its page multiple times.

How to Engage Them: Employ retargeting ads that feature the product they have repeatedly viewed to keep a potential purchase top-of-mind.

Lingering Prospects
> 2+ site visits
> 0 products added to cart

Who They Are: These people know your brand, and care enough to come back to your site, but aren’t converting.

How to Engage Them: Your brand is appealing to them, but they’re not pulling the trigger. Give them an aggressive offer to convince them to convert.

Cart Abandoners
> 1+ products added to cart

Who They Are: People who have added items to their cart but never purchased.

How to Engage Them: Serve them ads that feature the products left in their cart, paired with an aggressive offer, to nudge them into completing their purchase.

Conversion Campaign Creative Tips
Do the Math | If you’re offering a discount on a specific item, show both the percentage and the actual dollar amount saved.
Pick Your Features | Great visuals are important, but feature-flourishes can make the difference. Countdown timers, for example, help create a sense of urgency and can prompt a user to convert before they miss out.

Loyalty Campaigns

Users that have previously converted, or re-entered sales cycles, come in all shapes and sizes. Some may be loyal and love your brand, while others may have forgotten about you. Diversify your message based on who you’re targeting, and why you’re targeting them.

Brand Loyalists
> 2+ lifetime purchases

Who They Are: These people love you enough that they purchased from you multiple times.

How to Engage Them: Create a segment of repeat customers by product category. Customers often fall in love with brands because of specific product lines – if they like your shoes, show them more shoes.

Un-engaged Customers
> 1 purchase

Who They Are: People who have only purchased once, but never returned to your site.

How to Engage Them: Promote products that complement what they previously purchased to give them a reason to return.

Loyalty Campaign Creative Tips
Put it in Action | Lifestyle images or video featuring your product in use perform better than just product images alone.