Give Your Candidate the Edge With SteelHouse Performance TV

Elections can be decided by the thinnest of margins, which means you need every advantage you can get. Discover how Performance TV can give you an edge on the competition—get started today.

    Your Guide To Connected TV & The 2020 Election.

    How Connected TV's targeting and measurement will play a pivotal role.

    Innovation Wins Elections

    Finding a new way to win will give you the upper hand

    Winning candidates always find a way to transform new media and technology into an overwhelming competitive advantage.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Celebrity Ad Endorsements

    Roosevelt was first to featured celebrities in his radio ads.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower


    Eisenhower ran the very first presidential TV ad.

    Barack H. Obama

    Organic Media

    Obama leveraged email and organic social media posts.

    Donald J. Trump

    Paid Digital Ads

    Trump used ads to great effect across social and web.

    This year’s advantage? Connected TV. Streaming time has doubled this year due to stay-at-home orders, and over 80% of U.S. households are reachable on streaming television.


    Why Connected TV Will Decide Winners At the Ballot Box

    Connected TV will be a difference maker this November, and it’s due to a number of fundamental advantages—created by its technological capabilities—that are key to any successful political campaign.

    It Taps Into Your Strongholds | You can focus your ads on precise locations, down to the ZIP code, to tap into areas where you need to get out the vote.

    It Can Sway Swing Voters | With its access to voter demographic and interest data, you can target voters you need to convince to come to your side.

    It Stretches Your Budget | Its precision targeting abilities mean your budget is being spent solely on voters that matter and make a difference.

    It Provides Data in Real-Time | No waiting for polling data. It immediately tracks actions voters take online after seeing your ad, like visiting your website.

    It’s Where Your Opponent Isn’t | It’s the early days of Connected TV and your competition won’t have a presence here, allowing you to monopolize the ad channel.

    Advertising wins elections, which means yours needs to efficiently reach the right people. Let’s explore exactly how Connected TV can help tip the scales in your favor.

    It Makes Every Donation, Every Dollar Count

    Campaigns are projected to spend over $3B on TV this year, accounting for 47% of total political spend in 2020.1

    Donations don’t just grow on trees. You need to ensure every dollar is well spent, and unfortunately you can’t do that with traditional TV because It relies on massive DMAs to target viewers, which can contain households that literally cannot vote for your candidate. Half the state of Delaware, for example, is in Philadelphia’s DMA—and the other half is shared with Maryland. This same story plays out countless times across the country. How much of that $3B will be spent to no effect? Plenty.

    This isn’t a problem with Connected TV advertising. You’re not forced to spend budget on ineligible voters—only the ones who count.

    An Example of Waste: Targeting Voters in Delaware

    Just one of many cases where DMAs lead to massive waste and blown budgets.

    Percentage of Households in Delaware

    DMA Targeting with Traditional TV

    Philadelphia, PA DMA: 8%

    Salisbury, MD DMA: 44%

    State Targeting with Performance TV


    1. Philadelphia DMA
    2. Salisbury DMA



    New Jersey


    Its Geographic Targeting Reaches the Right Voters

    Need to reach voters in a specific state? How about a particular city? Zip code? Connected TV unlocks that level of precision and allows you to reach voters at a level of detail not found with linear television.

    Connected TV advertising targets the exact locations you need to ensure you're reaching the right constituents, ensuring your ads reach voters crucial to your success.

    Audience Builder

    Massachusetts High-Income Audience

    Target Audience Criteria

    • 02493
    • Dover, Massachusetts, United States
    • Carlisle, Massachusetts, United States
    • Sherborn, Massachusetts, United States

    It Combines Rich Data With the Impact of TV

    Political campaigns are projected to spend $1.3B2 on digital ads this year, the highest it's ever been. Of that, Facebook is set to claim $796.8M, while Google will net $243.7M—much of that going to YouTube. The lure of their voter targeting data is just too appealing for any campaign to pass up.

    Connected TV offers that same level of voter targeting precision, but with a better ad experience. Ad recall is higher when viewed on a TV screen3, which gives it an edge versus its digital counterparts. And with campaigns already spending big on YouTube, they’re able to run that same video ad on Connected TV—stretching its impact.

    • 0%

      higher ad recall on Connected TV vs. the next closest device

    It Targets Voters Directly, No Matter What They Watch

    What do Democrats watch? How about Republicans? Are you sure? Traditional TV limits your ability to reach the right voters because you can only target based on shows or networks.

    Connected TV connects you directly with voters by using the same type of data used by digital campaigns. That means your ads aren’t being shown to viewers who aren’t interested—they’re only reaching voters who will respond to your message.

    It Reaches Voters Where They’re Most Engaged

    How do you want voters to see your ad—blowing by it on their phone? Or settled at home, in their living room, watching their favorite shows?

    SteelHouse Performance TV, our Connected TV ad solution, shows ads exclusively to TV screens ensuring voters see them where they’re most engaged. And by only advertising on televisions, you take advantage of viewers’ habit of using a second digital device while watching TV, freeing viewers to take action and navigate to your site.

    • ~0%

      of viewers use a second digital device while watching TV4

    • 0%

      use a second screen to look up brands advertised while streaming5

    It Shows Your Impact Before the First Vote is Cast

    Deliver your message, then rest easy knowing it’s making a difference

    You don’t want to find out how effective your ads were the day after the election. You need a way to measure your impact in real time. Unfortunately, traditional television advertising has a drawn out and unscientific feedback loop—keeping vital information out of your hands.

    Connected TV’s metrics track the actions viewers take after seeing your ad. For example, did a viewer watch your ad and then make a donation on your website? Connected TV delivers that level of reporting, all in real-time.

    Vote Ballot

    It Ensures Your Ads Are Seen

    Waste is a budget killer, and viewers have a bad habit of changing the channel during traditional TV commercial breaks. You don’t want to spend money on ads that aren’t seen.

    • 0%

      of viewers change the channel during cable ad breaks6

    • That’s not a problem on Performance TV. Ads are unskippable and deliver your message in full.

    • 0%

      Connected TV’s average ad completion rate7

    It Provides Real Stats, In Real Time

    Are your ads driving site visits from voters in your region? Are they compelling viewers to make a donation on your website? You can track these vital metrics and countless others without delay.

    • Valuable Metrics Include:

    • Site Visits
    • Website Conversions
    • Users Reached
    • Return on Ad Spend
    • and more...

    Give Your Candidate the Edge With SteelHouse Performance TV

    Elections can be decided by the thinnest of margins, which means you need every advantage you can get. Discover how Performance TV can give you an edge on the competition—get started today.