Connected TV 5 Min Read

With the 2020 Election, Politics Comes to Connected TV

Written by Tim Edmundson

Connected TV Presents Unique Opportunity for Candidates

Every presidential campaign is different. The world can change a lot in four years, and not just politically. People’s media consumption changes every year and that means presidential campaigns are faced with a new question each election—what’s the best way to reach voters? 

“If you look at any recent campaign for president, there’s been some type of innovation that’s carried that politician on to victory,” said SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas. “With Obama it was organic social and microdonations, with President Trump it was paid social and really targeted advertising.”

Those two strategies paid dividends for each candidate because they tapped into rising forms of media consumption at the time. And while social is sure to play a key part in the upcoming election, there’s a new innovation that’s sure to make a difference this year—Connected TV.

“The campaigns that learn to use streaming television the best as an advertising vehicle I think are going to have a huge advantage in the 2020 election,” said Douglas. And he’s right.

Television Experience, Digital Targeting

Election ads on television are a staple of any presidential content, and are so culturally relevant that ads from the 60s are still discussed today. And that’s due in large part to the medium that is TV—there’s really no other format like it for delivering a message. Now, the same highly-targeted ads that helped propel President Trump into office are available on television thanks to Connected TV.  

“Television has been a really inefficient channel…some of those voters are going to be ones you want to reach, and some of them are not,” said Douglas. “With streaming television, you and your neighbor watching the same show can receive different advertising. Even two people in the same household can receive different advertising.” 

“The ability to micro-target that voter and deliver your message to those people who are most interested in receiving it is a new innovation that’s occurring in television and one that political campaigns are really going to benefit from.”

So what does this mean for the 2020 presidential election? Both campaigns now have a very effective tool at their disposal with Connected TV. The campaign that takes an innovative approach and leverages this new technology can tip the scales in their favor. Only time will tell which candidate that will be, but one thing is for certain—Connected TV will play a key role in determining who becomes the next president of the United States.