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    Why You Should be Running Native Ads

    Native Ads Are a Great Way for Brands of All Sizes to Connect with Their Audience

    Written by Tim Edmundson & Rachel Redman

    Advertising 7 Min Read

    Why You Should be Running Native Ads

    Native Ads Are a Great Way for Brands of All Sizes to Connect with Their Audience

    Written by Tim Edmundson & Rachel Redman

    When people think of digital advertising, they generally think of banner ads. This makes sense — the format has been woven into the fabric of the internet since the first banner ad appeared in 1994. But, as the savvy marketers that we are, we know there are far more options than just the famous display ad. From social video to pre-roll, marketers have a slew of options to choose from when building an ad strategy. We’re going to take a closer look at a format that marketers should definitely keep in mind for their next campaign: native advertising.

    Native advertising, which mimics the form and function of the environment where the ad is displayed, is a great way to reach new & current customers. Native ads essentially blend in with content your audience already enjoys, and don’t disrupt the user experience in a way that other obtrusive ad formats can.

    Let’s break down the basics to why native ads need to be a part of your marketing mix.

    The Benefits of Going Native

    Native advertising matches the look and feel of publisher sites, which is one of its biggest strengths; it acts as a natural extension of the content your audience enjoys, and creates a seamless user experience.

    And it’s not just user experience that benefits from native ads. Your performance will too — check out these stats from Sharethrough:

    > People See Your Ads | Native ads are seen by your audience — 25% more consumers look at in-feed native ads than standard banner ads.

    > Seen As Editorial Content | Users treat native ads pretty much the same they would a regular piece of content — consumers looked at native ads 2% more and spent the same amount of time viewing them as they did with editorial content.

    > It Goes Well With Mobile | Mobile media buyers see the value of native ads — 97% of them reported that native ads were effective at achieving branding goals.

    > Drives Conversions | Native ads are more effective than banner ads in driving user purchase intent, registering an 18% higher lift.

    Another huge benefit to native ads is that they aren’t just for big brands with big budgets. Native ads are a great fit for any brand, whether it be a small business or an international brand. There isn’t a huge barrier of entry for native advertising, all you need is the right creative and a page to drive to and you’re all set. So if you’re thinking they aren’t a good fit for you because of your brand’s size, forget about it — you can get these benefits regardless of who you are.

    Native Programmatic Makes it Manageable

    Native ads are great from a user experience perspective, but what about marketers? Programmatic native advertising makes running native ads as easy as your retargeting campaigns.

    By leveraging programmatic native, you can match reader’s interests with the right content — generating higher brand engagement through targeted native ads delivered in real time. Native ads have a knack for lifting engagement, brand awareness, and viewability — so if you find yourself in a situation where you need to ramp those metrics, native is a good option.

    What’s more, native can satisfy a number of needs. Whether you need a campaign to run on display, mobile, or with video, native checks each box. Same goes with the type of campaign you’re running — retargeting, prospecting, or branding — native does each very well. You have a ton of flexibility with the native format.

    Finally, as probably the biggest benefit of all, you can scale your campaigns quickly and efficiently because running programmatic native allows you to work with multiple partners at once, giving you massive reach on premium publishers. When you combine programmatic delivery with some of the biggest native partners around, you’re giving your campaign the tools it needs to succeed. Let’s take a closer look at some of those partners, and the benefits they bring.

    Native Partners Make it Possible

    So we’ve made it pretty clear that native advertising is a good move, so now let’s discuss how it’s made possible. SteelHouse works with some of the leading native advertising partners in the industry, ensuring your ads have the reach to connect with the right audiences. Here’s a quick breakdown of just a few of the partners we work with.

    > Taboola | Targeting is always a top priority for any marketer, and Taboola boasts a predictive engine that ingests hundreds of data points, including user behavior, location, context, and more to deliver your ads to your ideal audience.

    > Sharethrough | One of their strengths is the high percentage of mobile inventory on offer. And if that’s not enough, their 12,000,000,000+ native ad impressions served every month makes it one of the world’s largest supplier of native ads.

    > TripleLift | This native provider can seamlessly integrate video ads into your campaign, combining two of the fastest growing ad formats available. In addition to their video expertise, their exchange gets you access to inventory across the world’s premium publishers.

    AdYouLike | With an AI-powered platform, AdYouLike makes excellent use of their algorithm, data, and analytics to pair relevant content with engaging ads.

    By working with the top native providers, we’ve built a network that will satisfy any of your native needs. You get all the benefits of each platform, all in one place, without having to go to each one independently. Not a bad deal.

    You Should be Running Ads on Native

    Native advertising is an excellent part of any marketer’s mix, and you should strongly consider make it part of yours. We believe in the format, so much so that we’ve made native ads a big part of our Innovation Hub. So if you’re thinking about launching a native campaign anytime soon, give us a call — we’re excited to help you get started.

    And if you can’t tell by now, we have a lot to say about native ads. Keep an eye out for our upcoming native creative guide, which will give you the ins and outs of what makes the best creative for your native campaigns.

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