What Is Look-alike Targeting?

Written by Tim Edmundson

A Look-alike acquisition campaign is a great way to attract a new audience that is more likely to convert. Our Look-alike targeting technology extends your audience reach by finding more shoppers like those who exhibit your ideal shopping behavior.

Here is how we do it…

We start by looking at your customers and determine their demographics and psychographics… basically we find commonalities among your best customers.

Next, we dig a little deeper and map out their interests, behavior, keyword searches, sites visited, and more.

Now that we have an ideal customer, we see what other users fit this mold, but have not been to your site yet.

With this new audience ready, we can now target them with highly engaging ads geared towards new customers. The most effective ads to serve these viewers are branding specific or initial incentives. Things like, “sign up now,” “get your first order free,” or more general campaigns to get your logo in front of them.