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Want to Reach New Customers This Holiday Season?

Written by Tim Edmundson

Prospecting is all about finding new, untapped customers to bring to your site – and if you’re looking for an enormous audience pool to tap into, look no further than Facebook and Instagram.


The social networks have woven themselves into the very fabric of how people use the internet – consider these statistics:

> 62% of social logins used to sign into publisher and brand apps and websites are from Facebook.

> Facebook has over 1.79 billion monthly active users

> Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users.

> Instagram is home to a community of active users – 60% of which log in daily – making it the second most engaged network after Facebook.

> People spend an average of more than 50 minutes per day across Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram have become part of the average American’s daily routine. With so many people spending time on these sites and apps – why would you not advertise there? With engaged users numbering literally in the billions, the potential of finding new audiences is practically limitless.


To effectively tap into audiences across Instagram and Facebook, you need the right tools to reach them. These social networks are vast and you need the ability to zero in on your new potential customers. Social Prospecting does just that.

These new campaigns are now launched and managed through the SteelHouse Advertising Suite, which means current SteelHouse customers can extend their existing campaigns and amplify their reach with no additional setup.

> Social Prospecting allows you to reach prospects right in their Instagram & Facebook Feeds, allowing you to target based on interests, gender, age, and geo location.

> Because SteelHouse is a Facebook Marketing Partner, you get access to exclusive features not available in the Facebook interface.

> Users spend more than half their time on the internet on mobile devices, and their path to purchasing bounces from device to device before placing an order. SteelHouse Facebook and Instagram prospecting serves ads where users are likely to engage, and tracks conversions across devices so you know your campaigns’ true performance.

In head-to-head tests, SteelHouse campaigns have not only performed better than other vendors, they’ve produced better results than those run direct with Facebook.

If you’re curious to see what sort of impact Social Prospecting can have on your business, click our case study here to see how Sperry reached brand new audiences just in time for its Fall line.

There are literally billions of people on Facebook and Instagram — it’s time to introduce them to your brand. If you want a merry holiday season and a guaranteed happy new year, start building your Social Prospecting campaigns today.

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