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Viewers Stream More Connected TV During Crises

Written by Tim Edmundson

Connected TV Streaming Surging During COVID-19 Outbreak

As companies navigate the new advertising landscape caused by the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important for advertisers to know what their audience is doing. A report by Nielsen found that during previous times of hardship, such as with Hurricane Harvey or the snowstorm in New York, viewers increased their streaming by 61%. Many streaming services are already seeing this rise occur. HBO Now has reported an increase of 40% in time spent on the app, and 68% of respondents to a Streaming Media survey reported spending more time on Disney+. And with the current influx of at-home workers, it has been estimated that they’ll increase their TV-watching time by over three hours a week at least. 

With at least 58% of Americans self-isolating, looking to Connected TV to reach them just makes sense. Connected TV makes it easier to target the right users – which can pay dividends since more than half of consumers have used their mobile device or tablet to shop while watching CTV. This is a time to strongly consider adding Connected TV to marketing plans, as its adoption has been fast-tracked by current events and there’s little indication it will give up the ground it has already gained.

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