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TV Ad Budgets Aren’t Moving to Connected TV Yet

Written by Tim Edmundson

Connected TV accounts for 29% of TV viewing, but only 3% of TV ad budgets

Ad Spend Doesn’t Match CTV Viewing Numbers

There’s a disparity in the impact Connected TV is having on viewing habits and advertiser’s ad spend. According to research from Magna Global, TV ad budgets haven’t really made their way to CTV quite yet, and that may be due to the fact advertisers are still in the exploratory phase. That said, as more brands make the leap into CTV, they’re finding that they’re planning on staying.

That’s because for the first time ever, TV advertising performance is measurable in an accurate and consistent way. With the ability for advertisers to measure site visits, page views, conversions and more with CTV advertising, they can not only be confident their ad spend is having an impact, but also transform television into a performance channel. As more brands realize what they can do with CTV, it’s just a matter of time before more ad budget makes its way to the channel.

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