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Turn the Tables with your Next Furniture Ad by Using These Tips from our Designers

Written by Tim Edmundson

So you’ve found your target audience and set up your next furniture campaign. Now you are ready to start designing the ads that should hopefully pull in your audience in a big way. But sometimes it can be hard to put thoughts and ideas into action while you are staring at the blank ad canvas in front of you, especially in the world of online furniture retail. A lot of research seems to indicate that furniture is harder to sell online than in-store. And considering that the average order value for furniture brands often top $1,000, it’s not surprising many consumers are wary of spending so much in an online purchase. But things are looking up— according to Forrester Research, furniture purchased online is growing at a rate of 14% annually! So stop sitting on the opportunities available to online retailers in the furniture category, and start creating ads that will capture that new market with the following tips.

Be Loyal to Your Brand

The first idea that our designers suggested for anyone designing ads for their furniture brand was to stay loyal to their aesthetic. Considering that over 80% of shoppers research furniture online before commiting to a purchase, any online websites or digital ads will become a window into which a customer can become familiar with your brand. Attempt to choose images and fonts that create a cohesive researching and shopping experience for anyone seeking information about your brand. There is nothing that causes a high bounce rate like an ad and products  which look nothing like those on the click-through location!

Highlight any Discounts

For many consumers, furniture is a big-ticket purchase that requires a lot of research before they feel confident enough to purchase. To ease any prospective customer into a conversion, one of the easiest ways to capture their attention is to use ongoing sales to your advantage.

If your campaign is a retargeting campaign, use dynamic carousels to get viewers to see furniture they have already looked at, but at a lower price point than they remember. And if you are running a prospecting campaign, keep in mind that regardless of whether someone has seen your brand before, anyone in the market for furniture will be intrigued by a good deal!

Bigger (and Simpler) is Better

According to the SteelHouse designers, full bleed, bold images are the key to any successful furniture ad. Keep the copy simple and to-the-point, and instead focus your ad on the beautiful products you have to sell. We realize this may seem like an obvious tip. But our designers shared the struggle many have with cutting out the excess when faced with the actual prospect of designing their next ad. You may feel the instinct to keep adding on cool ad features and crazy fonts to jazz up the ad. Instead, let your furniture be the real star of the show.

Hope you liked these tips…

…straight from our ‘hearth.’ Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what will best convey your brand’s best features in the next ad you design. But as our designers suggest, bold images, discounts that impress, and staying true to your brand will set you up for an ad that is sure to be a success. And if you have any lingering questions about who to target in your next campaign, maybe even before you design your ad, check out out our blog on how we used targeting to win the mattress wars.