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Three Social Ad Formats You Can’t Miss Out On

Written by Tim Edmundson

It’s common knowledge these days — any brand advertising online should be advertising on social. It’s where people spend their time and engage with their friends, family, and even their favorite brands.

What’s not so commonly known, however, are the right ad formats to get the most out of your social campaign budget. Assembling a static image of your product, some text, and slapping a CTA on it just isn’t enough. You need to look beyond the basics and take advantage of the engaging ad formats that are available across the social channel. Here’s a quick look at a few of our favorites that we have been running in our Innovation Hub.

1. Facebook Video Ads

We’ve discussed why Facebook video ads are key to any social campaign before. What was true then is true now — video ads on Facebook drive strong performance. That’s because video as a format is more engaging than any static image ad ever could be, and users on social actually want to engage with it. Video as a medium enables you to tell a visual story about your product or brand, and give your potential customers a better understanding of how you can help better their lives.

Sample Facebook video campaign performance highlights:
CTR | 6.5X Higher vs Static Ads
Click ROAS | Up 267% vs Static Ads
Click CPA | Down 55% vs Static Ads

Facebook video ads are great for both prospecting and retargeting campaigns. Video featuring lifestyle footage is great for connecting with your target audience — them knowing your brand matches their lifestyle is a great way to start a conversation and pull them in. And once your prospecting campaigns have driven more users to your site, you can take your audience further down the sales funnel with the same type of ads that initially caught their attention. Lifestyle and product-oriented video with a strong message is fantastic for retargeting, and can get your customers to the point of conversion.

2. Instagram Stories

The visual-centric social platform launched Instagram Stories last year, and it was a smash success with over 150 million users embracing the new format. To capitalize on its popularity, Instagram introduced immersive, full screen ads for their hit product in early 2017 — and the performance has been enormous.

Sample Instagram Stories campaign performance highlights:
CTR | 1.38%
ROAS | 7.69
Click ROAS | 2.15

Instagram Stories ads allow you to use either a static or vertical video asset to connect with your audience. We recommend using video over static imagery — ¾ of consumers connect video they’ve seen on social to their decision to make a purchase, and you don’t want to miss out on that. And thanks to Instagram’s targeting and reach capabilities, you can get your Stories ads in front of shoppers who are in sync with your brand.

3. Facebook Collections

Facebook Collections is a mobile-only format which gives you the opportunity to showcase relevant products and features to a highly targeted audience. It features space for an image or video, as well as four product images that link directly to your product pages, all without ever having to leave the Facebook app.

Sample Facebook Collections campaign performance highlights:
CTR | 1.66%
ROAS | 10.19
Click ROAS | 4.55

What’s great about Facebook Collections is it gives your shoppers a one stop shop to quickly view and purchase your products. Its main draw — convenience — allows a shopper to complete a purchase in just a few taps of their phone. The combination of product links with a video lets you tell a story about the products featured in the ad, giving you the opportunity to show how those products can match a prospective customer’s lifestyle.

Get Onboard with These Social Formats

Just being on social isn’t enough — you need to be running the right type of ads. It’s important to go beyond the basics if you want to grab your audience’s attention, so take advantage of these engaging ad formats and get the most out of your social campaigns.