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The Super Bowl, Ad Business Intrigue, & More | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

So it was the Super Bowl this past Sunday, and it didn’t go great. The game itself was panned by viewers, with words like “boring,” “bad,” and “the Patriots” dominating social media. The game saw TV ratings dip to their lowest point in a decade, and a drop of over 5% from last year’s numbers. The malaise wasn’t just limited to the game either — even the often-celebrated commercials were generally panned, with several “worst Super Bowl commercial ever” tags applied to more than a couple of the ads. So yeah, it wasn’t great. That said, just because the TV ads floundered doesn’t mean they failed digitally. Overall, according to YouTube, viewership on the video platform for Super Bowl ads was up 58% over last year, and up 78% on mobile specifically.

Aside from the Super Bowl, there was plenty of other things going on in the advertising world. Google posted earnings, with a rather interesting story emerging when it comes to their ad business. Amazon and YouTube also had interesting headlines around their advertising ecosystems. Let’s take a look at what else made headlines this week in marketing news.  


Google Parent Alphabet Sinks Despite Earnings Beat on Drop in Ad Prices
Mark Douglas, CEO of SteelHouse, explains why a drop in Google’s ad business meant a drop in their stock price.

Which Super Bowl Advertisers Won the Digital Game? Verizon, Bud Light, Pepsi
This year’s Super Bowl commercials may have garnered more negative attention than praise, but that isn’t to say there weren’t winners as well.

YouTube Ad Revenue Jumped 11% in 2018 Thanks to Repeat Advertisers
They saw a 51% ad renewal rate among brands in 2018, with an 11% increase year over year. Three brands — Geico, Samsung, and Disney — were responsible for over 15% of revenue.

Why The Trade Desk’s Unified ID May Be Catching On
Although they are part of a the Advertising ID Consortium and Digitrust, the major DSP has offered their own solution to establishing identity online.

Amazon’s Ad Business Continues to Soar, Topping $3 Billion for First Time
Their strong Q4 saw the ecommerce giant surpass $10 billion in advertising for the year.

How AI Will Redefine the Modern Marketing Campaign
Advancements in AI are leading to better focused and effective campaigns, thanks to its ability to parse enormous amounts of data.


‘It’s Only Getting Better’: Buyers are Shifting Budgets to LinkedIn
The company is working on adding lookalike audiences, which would help advertisers target users similar to existing customers.

Cheatsheet: Facebook Now Has 7M Advertisers
Facebook may have gone through hell with its privacy scandals, but that hasn’t stopped brands from advertising on the social media network.

Twitter Cuts Off API Access to Follow/Unfollow Spam Dealers
Services which follow and unfollow users hoping some will follow them back in order to build Twitter audiences have been banned from the API. This follows news that Instagram banned these types of services once they discovered them advertising on their network.

Prepare to Say Goodbye to Facebook Ad Set Budgets
All Facebook campaigns will run with campaign budget optimization as of September.


Walmart Wins Holiday Store Visits, Sears’ Failure is Likely JCPenney and Kohl’s Gain
Mobile location data reveals shopping patterns and competitive insights marketers can exploit.

Slow Pages Hurt Conversions, But Marketers Aren’t in a Hurry to Fix Them
A new survey suggests marketers are putting load times near the bottom of their priority list, which may amount to shooting themselves in the foot.

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