The In-House Advertising Revolution

Written by Tim Edmundson


The advertising industry is seeing a growing trend — brands are bringing more of their advertising operations in-house. But why?

The answer is they want more creative and operational control over their message. After all, brands know their story better than anyone else. Gone are the days where brands hand over their total advertising needs to an outside agency. They’re demanding a better way, with more control and access to the data that powers their campaigns. And while that’s not to say agencies will be a thing of the past, the new brand-agency-technology relationship will definitely lead to a new way of doing things.

In our latest video, SteelHouse CMO David Simon explains how brands that take more ownership over their advertising are the ones that will succeed. Armed with self-service platforms (like the SteelHouse Advertising Suite), they’re better equipped to keep up with the demands of digital campaigns.

Advances in SteelHouse tech have given brands the ability to automatically allocate budget to where it’s best performing — without the need for a media buyer manually trying to stay on top of things. The same goes for creating ads in dozens of ad sizes — now with the simple press of a button, a single ad can be optimized for dozens of ad sizes, removing the need for long and tedious creative cycles. It’s advances like these that have empowered brands to handle more of their advertising on their own — and reap the benefits of doing so.

Watch the video above to see how the combination of self-serve and automation technology will benefit brands who decide to bring things in-house.

To watch David Simon’s full ANA Masters of Marketing presentation, check it out here.