Webinar | How to Sequence and Escalate Ads

Written by Tim Edmundson

Originally recorded April 21st. 

First in a series on Making Your Creative Perform, we are starting with an overview how to sequence and escalate ad creative to drive higher conversions.

Sequenced messaging is the tactic of using ad groups that escalate over time if a user doesn’t respond to the first set of messaging. It can be a very powerful tool for marketers if done right.

Sequenced messaging can help you achieve several goals. Among them are keeping a fresh creative and message in front of your audience, and also strategically offering more aggressive promotions in order to close the sale. Although, not just for cart abandoners, sequenced messaging can also be powerful in acquisition campaigns, where you start with branding ads and gradually move on to promotional offers to help close the sale.

This webinar will give you an overview of different types of sequenced campaigns, how to set them up, and what types of creative work best. We’ll also review performance and example campaigns that hit the mark.

This webinar was hosted by Chris Innes, SVP of Client Services.

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