4 Reasons to Target Email Subscribers in Social

Written by Tim Edmundson

If you’re like most marketers you’ve accepted that your email marketing campaigns will rarely reach even 30% of your audience. But what’s your plan for the other 70%?

Re-sending doesn’t seem like the best way to get their attention. Why not send the same message through a combination of different channels like Facebook or Twitter?

Here are some reasons to give it a try:

1) You’ve Already Got What You Need – No need to reinvent the wheel. We’re recommending you actually just repurpose your best performing email campaigns into Facebook News Feed ads and Twitter ads. Your email subject line becomes the header then just edit down the message and make sure your image meets the proper requirements . . . and there you have it.

2) You Will Message Your Audience Where They Are – Currently, 59% of marketers are integrating email and social channels together. There’s a reason – the average user spends an over 700 minutes a month on Facebook and 170 minutes a month on Twitter, looking at updates from friends and promotions from brandss they “Like” or “Follow.”

3) It Will Increase Your Campaign Response Rate – Targeting your email list means you’re reaching people who already know your brand and have shown enough interest to opt-in to receiving messages about your brand. This connection means higher response rates than messaging a new group of people who may have never heard of you.

4) It Can Expand Your Reach with Social Sharing – Encourage social sharing. Consumers say they are 71% more likely to purchase when referred by social media. Customers can easily like, comment, or share your Facebook ads or retweet your Twitter ads adding up to 35% additional reach to your campaigns.