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SXSW, AI, & Agencies | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

It’s SXSW week! As digital denizens flock to Austin to take part in the fun, they’ll have plenty to partake in, including an entire town built for HBO’s Westworld that looks absolutely amazing.

But, if you’re like us and are not currently enjoying the barbecue, beer, and live music Austin has to offer, fret not. We can keep each other busy by keeping up with the latest digital marketing news. Check it out below.

Digital Marketing

IAB Europe unveils its GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework
IAB Europe released a draft tech specification for its upcoming transparency framework for 30 days of public comments, which can ultimately shape how advertisers conduct business in the EU.

Accelerating your AI journey — 5 steps to get CMOs started
Don’t focus on the tech, but rather what you can do with it, says the CEO of BrightEdge.

Confessions of a Media Buyer: ‘It’s a Game Right Now About How Cheap You Can Be”
Things aren’t great in the land of media buying.

The Definitive Digiday Guide to What’s In and What’s Out at SXSW
Need to know what’s to love and hate about SXSW? Digiday has got you covered.

Wells Fargo Continues Digital Video Rampage, at the Expense of Apple, Samsung, and Adidas
Wells Fargo tops Ad Age’s top viral videos this week, but the rest of the ads that made the list make for tough competition.

As the Lines Blur Between Agencies and Consultancies, New Shops are Taking a Hybrid Approach
Agencies are beginning to take on the role of consultants, as the ad landscape continues to change.

20% Off is Better Than 3.14%, But Some Brands Are Still Totally Misusing Pi Day
There’s a right way, and a wrong way, for marketers to cash in on Pi Day.


No, we can’t say Facebook CPMs are up because of the News Feed change
Ad impressions have shrunk, and costs have risen since Facebook’s News Feed changes back in January.

Facebook Watch is Getting 25 Exclusive Weekday Afternoon MLB Games
It’s time for Facebook baseball. The deal brings more live sports to Facebook, giving advertisers another reason to look at social.

Report: Facebook owns the top mobile app in 10 out of 13 countries measured
It turns out Facebook is pretty dominant across the world on mobile.

Snapchat Will Feature Creator-Made AR in its Carousel
UGC filters will soon be available on the popular mobile app.

Despite Backlash to the Redesign, Snapchat Downloads Are Up
People sure do hate the new redesign, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing Snapchat down.


Reddit Says Native Ads Are Coming to Mobile this Monday
The “Front Page of the Internet” adds native advertising to its offering, which shouldn’t be too obtrusive for users.

9 Strategies for Memorable Advertising When Your Audience is Chronically Distracted
Short attention spans can be a problem for advertisers, IF they don’t adapt.

How to Brand Your Mobile Facebook Live Streams
By branding your videos, you can grab your audience’s attention easier when they’re scrolling through the News Feed.

How Web and Mobile Come Together in the Customer Journey
If you want your ecommerce to click, you need to marry your desktop and mobile experiences.

Same Time, Same Place, Next Week

That’s it for the roundup this week, we’ll be back next Wednesday with another list of what’s making news in marketing.