Stop Questioning Whether Your Ads Are Really Being Seen

Written by Tim Edmundson

Jan 9, 2017

Marketers have long debated the value of clicks versus views in measuring the performance of digital advertising. With the launch of Verified Visits, SteelHouse settles the debate by proving that quality views and clicks both provide value, giving advertisers unprecedented control over their conversion measurement. Verified Visits also helps combat fraud by only reporting viewable traffic, meaning impressions must meet IAB and MRC viewability requirements.


Until now, clicks have been seen by many marketers as the most direct way of tracking performance, however many reported clicks come from ads that were never viewable by real people, according to TAG. With clicks being an unreliable metric, many marketers put their faith in ad views, even though tracking views has its own challenges around attribution. This results in incomplete information, where neither clicks or views on their own provide enough insight into performance.

We’ve reported how tying performance to clicks can be a short-sighted way of measuring your campaigns. And while view-throughs are a valuable way to measure the success of your campaigns, they aren’t the cure-all for marketers to confidently track performance. That’s why it is so important to take a more encompassing approach to attribution.

If you’re only tracking whether a user clicks on your ad, you’re missing the big picture. For every user that clicks an ad, as many as six users see that same ad and still return to the advertiser’s site without clicking. Verified Visits is the evolution of clicks and views into one attribution model — it gives a more holistic view of how ads are working to helps advertisers find all of their customers — the ones who click, and the ones who don’t.


We’ve touched on viewability recently, noting its importance in ensuring your ads are being seen. It’s crucial that advertisers know their ads are being served in viewable locations, which is why Verified Visits includes free viewability metrics — only ads that are verified viewable will be tied to performance. As part of the evolution of attribution, Verified Visits ensures advertisers shouldn’t have to pay extra to know their ads are being seen by a real person.

By only tying performance metrics to ads that are verified viewable (note: unviewed ads are still tracked separately in the reporting suite, so you won’t lose out on that data), advertisers can better understand how to optimize their ads. Because advertisers know that their ad was served in a viewable placement, they can make more informed changes to their creative and campaign since they can be confident consumers are seeing their ad. The metrics are being driven by real people, giving you learnings on what works with them and what doesn’t.


With the launch of Verified Visits, advertisers will gain:

Free Viewability, so they don’t have to pay extra to know someone saw their ad.
A more accurate picture of their performance with both views and clicks, in a timeframe defined by the advertiser.
A unified analytics system that communicates only guaranteed viewable traffic to all APIs, including Google Analytics.

With a more holistic approach to attribution, advertisers can better understand their true performance. If you’re interested in learning more on how to account for all of your customers — both the viewers and the clickers — check out our Verified Visits page for more information.