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SteelHouse Holiday Report 2018

Written by Tim Edmundson

With the holiday season starting earlier and earlier every year, marketers have to get started on holiday campaign planning while everyone else is still working on their tan. So we’ve gathered the latest stats, trends, and recommendations — based on data we’ve collected from 17 billion impressions served last year — to help you wrap up your campaign strategy and get back to the beach.

Holiday 2018 will be the season of video ads and we’re not just talking about display, mobile, and social — it’s the year of Connected TV (CTV). The combination of television and digital represents a major opportunity for advertisers and brands of all sizes.

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Get Cozy with These Holiday Insights

By analyzing billions of data points, we’ve discovered the keys to what makes for a successful holiday campaign. Here’s a sample of what’s in the report to give you an idea of the insights that will help your campaigns succeed this holiday season.

Pre-Holiday Checklist | Have you looked at your site traffic from the year before? Determined your goals for this one? Before the holiday season begins, these are some of the questions you will need to ask. We have a list to get you started and prepared.

Campaign and Audience Recommendations | Try expanding your audience through prospecting in October and compliment every campaign with display, social, and Connected TV ads across mobile, desktop, and all other connected devices.

Make the Calendar Work for Your Brand | Time your campaigns to when people are shopping this season and capture more customers with campaigns that work together.

Create Relevant Ads that Perform | Make the most of the holiday season with our recommendations – based on hundreds of brands that ran at least 10 different mobile and desktop retargeting and prospecting campaigns over the holidays with 100,000+ impressions.

How CTV will affect this holiday season | 65% of connected TV viewers using a second screen while streaming will look up a product they see advertised. CTV gives you a chance to target and measure your ads on the big screen while still maintaining your brand.

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