SteelHouse Guide to the Holidays | Mini-Guide

Written by Tim Edmundson

With our SteelHouse Guide to the Holidays series, we’ve covered the hard holiday numbers, and the impact social video can have on your Q4 campaigns. Now, we finish it all off with our mini-guide, giving you the insights and guidance you need to craft holiday campaigns that are built to perform.

I you haven’t started planning your holiday campaigns already, start today. The holiday shopping season, once seen as starting with Black Friday, has crept its way far earlier into the year — as early as October. That means you need campaigns prepared, planned, and ready to go starting as soon as now.

Click here to view our 2017 SteelHouse Holiday Mini-Guide.

Unwrap our Mini-Guide for Key Holiday Insights

We’ve compiled the stats and suggestions you should consider when prepping your campaigns this holiday season. With these in hand, you should be able to better plan your holiday campaigns and get the most out of your Q4 performance.

Check out our Mini-Guide to get insight into:

> How to prepare before you launch your campaigns | Do you have your goals set? What sort of assets do you have to work with? What channels are you focusing on?

> The channels that are growing and hold your biggest opportunity | 52% of shoppers named Facebook as an influence for both their online and offline purchases. This, among many other factors, has contributed to a 31% increase in social spending for 2017.

> How having an in-store attribution plan can boost your digital campaign performance | 52% of millennials compare prices, and 37% searched for sales or discounts on their smartphones while shopping in-store. Start measuring in-store conversions now to better understand your ads’ impact.

> Why video and social are key to driving strong campaign performance | SteelHouse campaigns using Facebook video have resulted in CTR 6.5X higher and a click ROAS 267% better than similar campaigns running static image ads.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Download our guide now to get everything you need for a very merry holiday season.