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Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

Digital marketers know that this industry moves fast. Some might say too fast — but not us! We’ve been keeping tabs on the big stories and insights making marketing news, and have assembled a quick primer for your review.

These are the stories and insights that have shaped the week. Let’s take a look.

Digital Marketing

The Candid Thoughts of Media Buyers: ‘We’re Being Scrutinized’
Media buyers discuss everything from the waning relevance of agencies to clients increasingly caring about where their ad dollars are going.

Are You Ready for the Attribution Changes Coming to Google AdWords?
If you’re not, don’t worry. VP of Online Marketing Strategy Mona Elesseily provides an overview of attribution and five different replacement models available in Google AdWords.

ABM is a Team Sport: 5 Steps to Ensuring Players Work Together
Peter Isaacson explains why B2B marketers need to work in lock-step with each other, from Marketing Operations and Demand Generation to Field and Digital Marketing.

How Well Do You Know Your Customer?
You may not know them as well as you think…

The Ad Formats and Categories Consumers Like Most
Consumers have taken a shine to Facebook ads, which they ranked their top digital ad format. TV, however, tops them all.

Why Are B2B Marketers So Bad at Measuring Their Marketing Results?
87 percent of B2B marketers say they use analytics tools to manage their content marketing efforts, but only 35 percent say they measure content marketing return-on-investment (ROI).

This Company Came Up With a Score to Measure an Influencer’s Reach
Influencer marketing is getting a metric that promises to help brands and companies measure out the value of an influencer.

What Marketers Are (and Aren’t Yet) Doing With Artificial Intelligence
The best is yet to come, according to a panel put together for Adweek’s Elevate: AI summit.


4 Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Marketing Partner
We break down the top four reasons why you should work with an Ad Tech FMP when running campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook’s New Tool Allows Travel Brands to Shape Vacationers’ Plans From the Start
The company says 68 percent of millennials found ideas for their most recent trip on Facebook, and 60 percent found them on Instagram

Snap Opens its Marketing API, Which Lets Third-Parties Deliver Ads on Behalf of Others, to All Developers, After a Limited Launch in 2016
Snap announced the move back in February, which opens its API to all developers.

13 Ingredients in the Perfect Social Media Contest
It turns out people expect more than a link that says “Who wants to win an iPad!?”

5 Ways Facebook Analytics Beats Google Analytics
Facebook Analytics helps marketers measure actions in the News Feed, and some say it gives a better idea of true social performance than GA.

Four Challenges that Any Paid Social Strategy Should Consider
Paid social campaigns have a lot of competition, but the marketer who keeps targeting, creative, and performance top of mind should have the edge.

Publishers Adapt To The New Realities of The Facebook News Feed
The social giant’s algorithm change has left many publishers looking for new strategies to drive traffic.


The Cookie is (Still) Dead: Device IDs and the Future of Mobile Marketing
The cookie is dead, long live the device ID.

3 Marketing Leaders Explain How to Win on Mobile
Don’t think of it as a channel — think of it as how you market.

Connected TV

Roku beats Q4 estimates with $188.26M net revenue, up 28% YoY, predicts $40M-$55M 2018 loss; active accounts rose 44% YoY to 19.3M
The OTT giant Roku smashed expectations, thanks largely to a big increase in its ad revenue.

Same Time, Same Place, Next Week

That’s it for the roundup this week, we’ll be back next Wednesday with another list of what’s making news in marketing.