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Majority of Americans Go Beyond Traditional TV | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

Jun 7, 2018 3 Min Read


Majority of Americans Go Beyond Just Traditional TV

It’s becoming clear that if a brand wants to advertise on television, they need to include Connected TV. The stats and trends are pointing to a world where traditional TV must share the spotlight with connected devices — 66% of millennial and Gen X TV consumption is through CTV alone. Brands can no longer look at CTV advertising as a “nice-to-have” element of their media mix, but instead must consider it a priority to remain competitive in the marketplace.

By running Connected TV ads with traditional television, brands can maximize their reach and ensure they are getting the most out of their creative. Relying solely on traditional TV ads will soon be a thing of the past for many brands, as the scale of Connected TV only continues to grow.


Connected TV In The News

OTT Demand Once Preceded The Supply, But The Tide Has Turned
While CTV inventory has traditionally been in short supply, new publishers coming online seemingly weekly means there is meaningful scale today.

Discovery Strikes $2BN PGA Deal for Golf Streaming Service
Financial Times
The move, which has been dubbed the “Netflix of Golf,” will stream the PGA Tour in every country outside the US.

Hulu Hits 800,000 Live TV Subscribers
Hulu, in a little over a year since launching its $40 monthly internet-streaming “skinny bundle,” has signed up 800,000 customers for the service.


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Green Chef Serves Up Over 437,000 Impressions with Connected TV Ads

Green Chef, a leader in home food delivery, provides certified organic meals to customers every week. Looking to expand their audience and reach new potential customers with video content, they turned to SteelHouse to launch ads in the Connected TV format.

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