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Instagram’s New Leadership, Facebook’s 50 Million, & More | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

Facebook has developed a habit of hogging the headlines as of late, and it’s not always for the best of reasons. Last week, Facebook-owned Instagram’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announced they would be leaving the company, with rumor having it they were turned off by increased interference from their parent company. While the true impact of their departure remains to be seen, it’s safe to say the fortunes of Instagram’s ad business aren’t really in question at the moment, as the visual-driven social network continues to perform well.

The other big news making waves this past week is the latest data breach from Facebook, where 50 million accounts appear to have been compromised. The investigation into what went wrong is still in its infancy, but one thing is for sure… this is a story that seems to have plenty of sequels. It will be interesting to see how Facebook continues to handle its privacy issues.

Let’s see what else is making marketing news this week.



Get to Know Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s New Boss, Who Used to Run News Feed for Facebook
The former Facebook product leader will carry the title “Head of Instagram,” and was the expected replacement for the recently vacated leadership position.

Digital Marketers: Instagram Co-founders’ Departure Won’t Slow Ad Growth
Even with the departure of its founders, the future is bright for the image driven social network.

Facebook’s Recent ‘Bear Hug’ of Instagram Frustrated its Independent Founders, Leading to Their Exit
According to sources, there was concern that Facebook’s recent moves concerning product updates and marketing changes were hurting the app’s growth.

Hulu Looks to Sharply Cut Reliance on Traditional Ad Breaks
Hulu looks to generate 50% of its ad revenue from non-intrusive ad formats by 2021, up from less than 10 percent now.

Digital Tech Lights a Fire Under Out-of-home Advertising
OOH operators can now track digital metrics, which makes for a game changer for that particular niche of the industry.



Snapchat Partners with Amazon to Let Users Shop From Pictures
Users can now take a picture of a product or barcode, and find it instantly on Amazon.

4 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season
Facebook gives marketers some ways to get a leg up on the competition this holiday season.

Register to Vote on Snapchat
Snap does their part on National Voter Registration Day.

What We Know About the Facebook Hack Affecting 50 Million Accounts
Another setback for the social network, as scrutiny continues to build on how they handle private user data.

Facebook’s ‘Premieres’ Videos Now Available to All Global Pages
Brands can now post pre-recorded video and label it as live footage.



Salesforce, Apple Partner to Spur Mobile Enterprise Development
Salesforce is redesigning its iOS app as part of a new partnership with Apple, which reinforces the new surge in B2B mobile-first thinking.

Pew: Internet Adoption, Social Media Usage Have Been Flat Since 2016
Smartphone saturation is at its peak (along with most of the internet), with users not increasing since 2016.



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