Increase App Downloads In 3 . . . 2 . . .1

Written by Tim Edmundson

Creating the next app sensation seems easy enough; come up with a killer concept, then build it, submit it, put out a couple of social posts telling everyone how mind-blowingly awesome it is – and there you have it, an instant million-dollar app. Not so much.

Increasing your app downloads is key to the success and lifespan of your app. But instead of spending hours looking at spreadsheets of data, focus on these 2 mobile reports to track and increase downloads that stick.

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Marketing done well can increase trust in your brand/app, create a positive hype, and start the initial conversations promoting your app, but that only goes so far. A recent study shows that 92% of consumers are heavily influenced by the number of stars displayed in the “Reviews” section of app stores, regardless of previous perceptions.

These stars show satisfaction, and by default, the likelihood of the viewer to purchase the app. The percentages of consideration, based on stars, is as follows:

96% consider downloading a 4-star app
50% consider downloading a 3-star app
15% consider downloading a 2-star app


Increasing downloads is important, but increasing quality downloads, is essential. To gauge the quality of each download and the likelihood each user will become a loyal engager, consider these metrics:

Installation Rate: the number of clicks that lead to the app being installed


Uninstall Rate: the number of removals of your app from each mobile device

Customer Lifetime Value: the amount of money your app would make from a single user. This timeframe includes the time they choose to use the app and the amount of earnings from the app initially.

Frequency: the number of times the user engages with app during an allotted amount of time

Retention: percentage of apps kept on the user’s device after an allotted amount of time

These metrics will give you a better look into who is downloading and keeping your app. Use these to spot key demographics and psychographics for better and more efficient targeting of future marketing initiatives to increase quality downloads.

Check out the Loyalty by Application Category matrix to compare your app against the performance of its broader category/industry. Here, we define quality downloads as ones that remain installed over 90 days and get used more than 5 times a week. How does your app stack up?

Report Summary:

So yes, create and market that killer app! But remember to keep these metrics and the matrix above, in mind to help guide app development and marketing initiatives so your efforts are not wasted on downloads that go unused and eventually uninstalled.