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Written by Tim Edmundson

It’s disappointing that Criteo has chosen to publicly accuse and attack SteelHouse, particularly on a topic which Criteo repeatedly has found itself in the hot seat. SteelHouse has deep relationships with a growing number of customers because the company provides great software and service. Criteo’s response to SteelHouse’s market success is an attempt to bully a smaller company in the courtroom and make disparaging statements and allegations that are counterproductive to the industry and the advertising community.

Simply put, our focus and approach is different than Criteo’s and that is why we are succeeding in the market.

1) Unlike Criteo, SteelHouse does not operate on a pay per click model. The company focuses on its technology solution which gives advertisers complete transparency and control over all aspects of the advertising buy.

2) SteelHouse provides clear, real-time audience segmentation for our advertisers to create segments that match their specific marketing objectives. Criteo offers minimal segmentation.

3) SteelHouse provides more than a thousand reporting metrics, significantly more than Criteo, to give advertisers unlimited ways to review, report, and optimize against their campaigns and marketing goals.

4) SteelHouse provides its advertisers A2, a best in class advertising creative platform, and access to a creative team to support, design, and execute campaigns that are specific to an audience and marketing objective. Criteo provides limited creative capabilities and no tools to build creative.

5) SteelHouse announced SaaS pricing that charges a flat CPM for usage of its software and no markup on the media.

6) SteelHouse has a highly rated customer service team with an NPS score of 89 among its enterprise customer tier.

Regarding Criteo’s allegations, when Criteo identified issues to SteelHouse, we worked cooperatively with them to investigate and address the situation. As recently as last week, SteelHouse suggested a CEO to CEO meeting between the companies. Criteo’s response was to file this lawsuit.

After filing a lawsuit, Criteo today is attempting to recruit people from the SteelHouse team. Criteo is making every attempt to attack SteelHouse and we plan to vigorously defend ourselves. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the topic openly and will continue to be a leader in advertising transparency.

Mark Douglas
President & CEO, SteelHouse

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headshotMark oversees the direction of SteelHouse with his 20 years of product development experience gained through repeated success in helping fast-growth companies transition into emerging markets.

He started at Oracle. Shortly after, Mark founded a series of successful startups resulting in IPOs and acquisitions. He was the VP of Technology at eHarmony and built new technology for Rubicon Project as the VP of Engineering.