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Written by Tim Edmundson

In the last few months, we have focused on innovations that help advertisers better tell their brand’s story. Big and small, these improvements reinforce our commitment to providing the most complete and transparent advertising solution.

We recently introduced the SteelHouse Creative Suite, a new category of creative software that will change the way ads are built. Over two years in the making, this is the most elegant, agile, and powerful creative solution that allows anyone (at any skill level) to build beautiful ads using the content around them. It’s fully integrated with YouTube and provides free access to Getty Images, and coming soon you can seamlessly pull user-generated content from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest – giving you everything you need to bring your ads to life.

We have worked incredibly hard to blend in and build out social channels within the SteelHouse Advertising Suite – releasing Facebook static and dynamic product advertising via the Facebook Ads API. In doing so, we have given advertisers the ability to launch both prospecting and retention-based retargeting through Facebook right alongside the rest of their campaigns. We also launched the ability to run prospecting and retargeting campaigns on Instagram, as well as pull Instagram assets into their ads – all from the SteelHouse Advertising Suite.

In addition, we continue to release campaign management solutions. While subtle, these improvements create incredible leverage for our advertisers in a way that’s not available elsewhere. With recent enhancements like the ability to clone campaigns and audience segments across social channels, we’re saving hours that would have been spent reconfiguring new campaigns. By automatically removing “out of stock” items from dynamic ad carousels, ads will only show available inventory without advertisers having to lift a finger. Our customized reporting and notification enhancements are designed to keep our customers better informed of their campaign performance.

The future is even brighter. We are on the cusp of unleashing a next-generation technology platform that will redefine how marketers think about digital advertising and how they reach their audience (no spoilers here… it’s coming soon).

We don’t just focus on innovation to help us grow, we do it because we know it’s how we provide the absolute best for our advertisers every day.

Marwan Soghaier

Chief Product Officer

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marwan_soghaierMarwan drives the next generation of SteelHouse’s product. He works closely with the product teams to inspire and develop pivotal, game-changing product visions, while also directing the company’s overall product roadmap.

He has developed marketing technology and innovative, accessible product interfaces and platforms for numerous companies. Previously, Marwan was VP of Marketing at mobileStorm, Inc. and VP of Product Marketing at the Rubicon Project.