Father’s Day 2015

Written by Tim Edmundson


For many retailers, Father’s Day is often overshadowed by Mother’s Day (the 3rd biggest retail holiday of the year). Not only has Mother’s Day been around for an extra 50 years, but on average consumers spend 40% more. Here are just a few stats to motivate you to make the most of your Father’s Day marketing campaigns this year:

1:  Expected total spend on Father’s Day Gifts in 2015 is $12.7 billion. That’s right, billions. So don’t forget to re-engage your converted customers from last year. You can also get creative and target your email list of Father’s Day purchasers from 2014 in their Facebook News Feed and Right Hand Column.

2:  Father’s Day is now the 6th largest spending holiday. Right behind winter holidays, back to school/college, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Easter – raking in about half the total Mother’s Day spend over the past two years.

3:  76% of Americans planning to celebrate Father’s Day this year. With an average spend of $116 per person – retailers should have more than enough motivation to get your Father’s Day-themed marketing campaigns going.

4:  72% of consumers splurge on themselves, even when looking for gifts for others. That means all those consumers “shopping for Father’s Day gifts” are still checking out other categories and products that interest them as well, so be prepared.

TIP: Have promotions in other departments or on products that are unrelated to father’s day.

5:  20% of shoppers say they aren’t sure what to get for Father’s Day. Help make this process easier with a gift guide or you can serve dynamic product recommendations in your retargeting ads based on items last viewed or product category.

6:  Surprisingly, 43% will purchase a special outing or activity for their Dad this year. So if you’re offering a service for father’s day, consider having something tangible such as a free gift with purchase. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something to open on father’s day.

7:  3 in 10 Americans who will buy their Father’s Day gifts online. Offering free giftwrapping for online orders is a great way to differentiate your brand and provide your customers with a better experience.

Summer can be a slow sales period for some retailers. With all the major retail holidays well into winter take advantage of this year’s Father’s Day to keep those summer sales coming!