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Facebook, AI, & Google Vs. Amazon | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to steal the headlines this week, with Mark Zuckerberg being called before the UK parliament and the US Congress (even though he doesn’t seem to be onboard with the idea). And while this story really doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, plenty of other news broke this week that digital marketers should know about.

So, let’s put a pin in the geo-political scandal that is currently rocking the world, and check out the other stories making news this week.

Digital Marketing

All About the GDPR
The new EU privacy regulations will (possibly) have a big impact on US business.

Facebook and Google Face Emboldened Antagonists: Big Advertisers
Controversy around data compiling has led advertisers to demand more transparency from the tech giants.

Building an AI mindset: Time to Identify and Develop Skill Sets Now
Adoption of AI may come down to the creation of skill sets that can take advantage of it.

Giants Collide: Google’s Impending Showdown with Amazon
Google is pushing into retail and Amazon is turning its sights on advertising, which means a collision course is all but guaranteed.

Spotify Reveals 2 Million Free Users Are Dodging Ads
The music streaming service is actively cracking down on users who are using a modded version of their app.

New Viewability Standards May Give Extra Credit to Ads That Play Longer
The ad industry’s standards body wants help as it considers toughening the requirements to call digital ads “viewable” so they’re more comparable with TV and other media.


Exclusive: Facebook Will No Longer Show Audience Reach Estimates for Custom Audiences After Vulnerability Detected
Facebook said last Friday that it will stop showing audience reach estimates in any campaign using Custom Audience targeting.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Wants “Well-Crafted” Privacy Regulations After Latest Facebook Scandal
Cook says that he is in favor of tech companies taking on heavier regulations in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Snapchat Bulks Up Location-Based Ad Targeting & Launches In-Store Analytics Tool
Advertisers can now target areas around specific location types of geographic points, like a beach, movie theater, or school.

After Facebook’s Algorithm Change Devastated Organic Reach, How Are Publishers Coping?
Publishers need to diversify where they are sharing their content, or face the risk of reduced site traffic.

Social Commerce Is Here, But Is It Ready for the Mainstream Consumer?
Buying straight from your feed is a possible game changer, but the tech needs to advance a bit more.


Marketers, Here’s How to Understand What’s Really Behind Your Mobile Ad Visits Metric
Give this a read to better understand store visit metrics, and what questions you should be asking your vendors.

4 Things Agencies Should Know About Creating Successful AR Integrations
The best advice? Create something that has substance, and avoid building a gimmick.

Mobile is a Thing You Do, Not Something You Consume
The Drum hosted a panel discussion where brands gave insight into how to better engage with consumers via mobile.

Mobile Ad Revenue is Exploding: Here’s How to Improve Your Ads
The founding partner at ExactDrive has advice for marketers on mobile: know what success looks like, keep your ads diversified, personalized, and integrate with social media.

Same Time, Same Place, Next Week

That’s it for the roundup this week, we’ll be back next week with another list of what’s making news in marketing.