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CTV Advertising Watched Just Like Traditional TV | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

80% of Connected TV Viewers Stream Shows & Movies on Their TV

Viewers Watch CTV Advertising on Their Home Theater Systems

Advertisers have been unsure of what sort of experience Connected TV would provide viewers. It wasn’t clear which devices would dominate the CTV space — would the mobility aspect lead to more viewers watching on phones and tablets? Would more people stream over their desktops? As CTV becomes a bigger part of everyday media consumption, the answer is clear: viewers watch CTV at home on their TVs.

Advertisers can now bank on the fact viewers will engage their ads in the same environment they watch traditional TV. When it comes to advertising experiences, it’s hard to beat one in which people watch on a home theater system. Advertisers can now leverage a superior viewing experience alongside CTV advertising’s other advantages, which include shorter ad breaks as well as superior targeting and analytics, to maximize the impact of their budget.

Connected TV in the News

U.S. OTT Revenue Will Spike 26% to $28.8B in 2018
Multichannel News
Global revenues will be even more impressive, as they are anticipated to double to $129 billion by 2023.

Volvo Drives 35% Sales Lift with Interactive Connected TV Ads
Marketing Dive
The campaign drove nearly 526,000 unique engagements, reaching over 95,000 households.

Why Brands Should Embrace the Connected TV Revolution
Retail Touchpoints
Consumers have made the shift to CTV, and it’s up to brands to keep up with changing tastes and trends.

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