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CTV-Only Homes Have Tripled Since 2013

Written by Tim Edmundson

Connected TV-Only Homes Have Tripled Since 2013

Cord Cutters are Turning to CTV at an Increasing Rate

As more consumers cut the cord, the number of Connected TV-only households has increased consistently over the past few years. Over 14 million households now rely solely on CTV for their source of living room quality™ entertainment. And while over 70% of households with CTV also have a cable subscription, the time spent watching traditional television continues to drop by double digit percentages among key consumer groups. This stands in stark contrast to the rise in viewing time and overall use of CTV.

So what makes CTV more appealing than traditional television? Access is a main contributor; nearly 33% of CTV viewers now have access to CTV apps through three or more devices in their home, marking an eight-fold increase when compared to just two years ago. As ease of access continues to increase, so too does CTV’s appeal.

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