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I Want My CTV | Connected TV Infographic

Written by Tim Edmundson

We’re in the midst of a major change when it comes to how television content is consumed. Gone are the days of appointment viewing — we live in a world where people can access the programs they want, when they want, and where they want to. Connected TV, or OTT, has revolutionized the way people watch TV.

It’s not just millennials, people of all ages are streaming television instead of paying for cable, and the trend is picking up momentum. Connected TV is the new way people watch TV for many reasons — streaming makes sense for today’s on-demand culture, everyone loves to binge-watch, you only pay for the subscriptions you want, and it’s less expensive than traditional cable.

But this is not just a consumer-driven movement, the cable companies and networks are onboard. Advertisers are in a great position, where they can take advantage of a brand new channel that is making a bigger impact than any other option out there. Find out what’s happening, why, and how it represents a huge opportunity for advertisers.

Traditional TV’s days are numbered. Viewers are cutting the cord in record numbers, and ad spending has dropped by the billions as a result. Enter Connected TV -- premium, ad-supported content accessed by apps and streamed over smart TVs, mobile, or Over-the-Top (OTT) devices. It’s a better way to watch AND advertise. It’s highly targeted, unskippable, and brand safe. See for yourself why Connected TV is the next big thing. Viewers are Abandoning Traditional TV… 22+ million viewers have already cut the cord and nearly 5 million more will join them this year. Why? 87% of consumers cut the cord because cable is too expensive. Cord cutting is accelerating across all age groups 47% of adults 22-45 years old watch ZERO content on traditional TV. Connected TV is the New Way People Watch TV... 195 million U.S. viewers this year are predicted to watch CTV. That’s over 60% of the US population Connected TVs outnumber cable boxes in the U.S. 2.1 CTVs VS. 1.8 Set-Top Boxes per household 3/4 People Use their Connected TV Daily. ...And That’s Good News for Advertisers Connected TV ads are far more targeted, measurable, affordable, and efficient than traditional broadcast TV, and they’re available programmatically. Viewers complete 98% of Connected TV ads. 75% of ads served reach the targeted demographic. SteelHouse CTV campaigns have driven the same site visit rate as digital prospecting That’s without a clickable CTA, meaning viewers are typing the URL in on their own. The shift to Connected TV is happening. Audiences are flocking to it, and advertisers can connect with them with superior targeting and tech. The opportunity has never been greater to start advertising on Connected TV.

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