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Connected TV Ad Spend is Surging | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

Brands are Spending More and More on Connected TV

Connected TV advertising is only getting more popular. The Trade Desk recently reported their CTV revenue made a significant impact on their bottom line, which is big news for advertisers because it is yet another data point that illustrates how keen advertisers are to get their ads on CTV.

It’s not just ad revenue that’s rising, either. According to a recent study by Conviva, the number of viewing hours for digital video delivered across Connected TV, desktop, and mobile rose 114% year-over-year. More viewers are watching CTV content, and advertisers are spending to try and adapt to these new viewing habits. This spells trouble for advertisers who have not yet adopted CTV, as they run the risk of being left behind.

Connected TV in the News

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