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Broadband Users Are CTV Viewers | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

More Broadband Means More CTV Viewers

Another week, another reason to advertise on Connected TV. According to market research firm Parks Associates, the vast majority of homes with broadband internet also watch Connected TV. Unsurprisingly, more than a third of those have two or more subscriptions. This speaks to a key differentiator CTV has when compared to traditional TV; the low cost of CTV allows viewers to subscribe to multiple services, allowing them to pick and choose the content they watch.

Current market trends point to the continued success of Connected TV; cord cutting, broadband expansion, and the lower costs of CTV subscriptions compared to traditional cable and satellite push more people to CTV. These trends show no sign of slowing down, meaning Connected TV’s best days are ahead of it.

Connected TV in the News

PwC Report: OTT Video Streaming Steams Ahead In 2017 With $20.1 Billion In Revenue
U.S. OTT streaming video services are booming, generating an estimated $20.1 billion in revenue last year on 15.2% growth.

PBS and Stations Working on First ‘Skinny Bundle’ OTT Agreement
PBS is strategizing with stations on how to package national and local content, potentially creating an entirely new channel for younger viewers.

Global OTT Subscription Market to Grow to Over 400M by 2022
Streaming Media
Connected TV isn’t just an American phenomenon, worldwide subscription numbers are skyrocketing as well.

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