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Amazon Rebrands its Ads, Telecom Throttling, & More | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

Amazon is getting serious about their ad business, so much so they’ve decided to give it the least confusing name in ad tech: Amazon Advertising. Seeking to diversify their revenue streams, the ecommerce giant has set its sights on the $88 billion digital advertising business. With their new rebrand they’re seeking to make their advertising platform user friendly, not only renaming the service itself, but the product names within it as well.

In other news, it appears the death of Net Neutrality may be a big deal after all (despite what some may have you believe), with a recent study finding that telecoms began ramping their throttling of YouTube and Netflix right after the FCC made their ruling. As the internet becomes driven by video more and more every day, this could be troubling news, and is definitely a story worth keeping an eye on for both publishers and advertisers.

There’s plenty of other stories making marketing news this week, including a big day on Capitol Hill for executives from Twitter and Facebook. Let’s take a look at what’s generating buzz this week.



Google, IAB Europe Still Negotiating GDPR Consent Framework Implementations
Google is lagging when it comes to launching its consent management platform.

Amazon Sets its Sights on the $88 Billion Online Ad Market
Amazon has decided to dominate every industry it can get its hands on, so why not digital advertising?

Here’s What Jack Dorsey and Sheryl Sandberg Will Tell Congress Today
The Twitter CEO and Facebook COO will answer questions in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Here’s what to expect.

The Future of TV is Now (or Never)
AdAge sees a key moment in the rise of Connected TV advertising, and wonders which way things will go from here.

Amazon Renames its Ad Services to Cut Down on Confusion
They went with the aptly named Amazon Advertising in an effort to get away from the jungle of acronyms that is digital advertising.



Twitter Reveals New Policies and a Certification Process for Ads on National Issues
The social giant is making moves to ensure a fair election cycle, as much as it can help it.

Why Facebook is Making Moves to Monetize WhatsApp
The messaging app has over 1.5 billion users worldwide, which means the temptation to monetize is just too high.

Facebook Opens Up Video Ad Opportunities to More Creators as it Takes Watch Global
Pages with over 10,000 followers that have generated 30,000 one minute video views over the past two months now qualify for ad breaks in their video content.

Facebook Opens Up its Ads Pixel to a Limited Number of Groups
A broader roll out of the Facebook pixel will allow better understanding of how members in their Group interact with their websites.



Instagram is Creating a Standalone Shopping App
The new shopping app will let users browse products and buy directing in-app.

Pizza Hut’s First National Campaign as NFL Advertiser Includes AR Game
The pizza chain is making a big brand play with their Game Plan digital platform, giving rewards members access to deals and league news.

Telecoms Have Been Throttling YouTube and Netflix Since Demise of Net Neutrality
A new study suggests that since the FCC’s ruling, throttling has ramped significantly.


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