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7 Out of 10 U.S. Households Stream TV & Movies | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

71% of U.S. Households Stream Video, Mostly in Their Living Rooms

Americans Stream More than Anyone in the World

Americans love to stream movies and TV shows from the comfort of their own homes. According to research conducted by Limelight Networks, 71% of U.S. viewers obtain their TV and movies from streaming online, compared to only 8% buying or renting a DVD, and 20% downloading to watch offline. It’s interesting to note the percentage of streamers in the U.S. is the highest in the world, with only Italy (67%), the U.K. (66%), and France (65%) coming close.

Connected TV is generally a cheaper option for viewers compared to traditional TV, thanks to lower subscription prices and ad-supported networks and apps. It’s a good thing too — current consumer mood is not only leaning toward streaming, they’re not excited about paying for content. According to Limelight’s research, less than half (48.9%) are willing to pay for TV and movies. With price being such a deal-breaker for viewers, CTV services and advertisers are in a better position than their traditional TV counterparts.

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