4 Data Driven Campaigns

Written by Tim Edmundson

We all want our ads and emails to perform better with higher CTR’s and Conversion rates, but making those clicks happen can be tricky business. It takes much more than a few A/B Tests and great creative – so try using these tips to help make the most of your data driven campaigns.


Take Emails To The Next Level

Sending out Daily Campaign Emails can offer you a new audience to serve – if you add a Retargeting code into your Email. Many people use email to simply show the user the newest deals of the day or week, but this uses only half of your email potential. Instead make sure that you have tagged your emails so that when a user opens the deal of the day, they are automatically thrown into a Retargeting segment. This way your email audience can be reminded of the deal they clicked on no matter where they search on the web.
Do this to make sure your engaged email users are being pushed further down the conversion funnel.

Change Up The Deals

Testing multiple offers on the same audience is a great way to learn more about your audience and what speaks to them. It can be as simple as changing the way you present the same offer, for example switching up your messaging between things like, “Save 50%” and “Get Half Off” to see which performs better. Once you know the language your audience answers to, take it a step further by figuring out which deal percentages work best. Do this by escalating or deescalating your offer amount using a variation of percentages ending in 5’s and 0’s. Note, we found that audiences typically respond better to deals ending in a 5.
Do this to get a more refined understanding of what your audience responds to and create more effective campaigns with this new knowledge.

Get More Customers Just Like Your Best Customers

If certain segments of your audience are converting often, then why not find more just like them? Look-alike Targeting is a great tool to acquire a new audience pool that is up to 5x-20x your current site traffic. This campaign creates a new pool by analyzing your current visitors, intenders, and purchasers to determine their common demographics and psychographics. Based on this profile, it targets a whole new audience who share these characteristics and serves them your ads. This exposes your brand to a new audience who is more likely to convert.
Do this to increase site traffic effectively with users who have a high likelihood of converting.

First Impressions Still Mean The Most

New Visitor Campaigns mean making the best possible first impression to your new potential customers. Retarget first time site visitors with new customer deals and brand messaging, to ensure you remain top of mind and the positive brand experience continues after they leave your site. These campaigns could include offers with discounts to first time shoppers and those who sign up for newsletters or emails.
Do this to convert as many new shoppers as possible.

No matter what type of campaign you’re launching, leveraging your customer data is a sure fire way ultimately drive conversions. But before you get people to make a purchase, you need to understand what is going to make them . . .