2016 SteelHouse Post-Holiday Marketing Guide

Written by Tim Edmundson

With the busiest shopping days of 2015 behind us and a brand new year ahead, marketers everywhere are looking for a way to sustain that holiday magic and keep the flow of sales steady into January and beyond. With that in mind, we decided it would be a great idea to compile and share the best practices on how to do just that with the 2016 SteelHouse Post-Holiday Marketing Guide.

Useful bits of information include:
 New Year stats and trends
 Building your campaign calendar
 Marketing to the “New Year attitude”


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Here are a couple New Year campaign tips to get you started. Check out the full guide for more!

Did you know that online gift card purchases are growing 29% per year?
This means that consumers are out there, and they have the means and motivation to buy. Be sure you’re ready to capture purchases from those who received gift cards over the holiday season — 72% of customers will spend more than the value of their card (on average 20% more, in fact). For more stats and trends, start on page 5 of the Post-Holiday Guide.

Focusing your messaging on self-improvement can reap big rewards.
Take advantage of New Year resolutions and look for opportunities to tie your products into the “New Year state of mind.” Organization, productivity, health, wellness — all of these play very well in January and the early year.