2015 SteelHouse Holiday Digital Marketing Guide

Written by Tim Edmundson

Every marketer can use a little help, especially when it comes to their holiday marketing campaigns. So we’ve compiled the latest holiday marketing trends, best practices, and innovative campaign ideas.

Plus, find these sections:
Planning checklist
What’s new in social
The impact of mobile on this year’s season
Campaign tips for every step in the purchase funnel

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Here are some holiday tips to get you started. Check out the full guide for more!

Did you know CPMs for online advertising increase 43-55% in Q4?1
This means that if you’ve currently set a CPM of $3.00 for your retargeting campaigns, you would have to increase the CPM to $4.50 during the holidays just to achieve the same reach, uniques, and win rates. For more on the balance between CPM and win rates, turn to page 13 of the Holiday Guide.

Last year, mobile inventory grew 185% between October and December.2
As more people will be on their phones and more mobile inventory will be available, a solid mobile strategy becomes a critical component to your overall holiday campaign success. For more holiday mobile trends and campaign recommendations, take a look at the mobile section starting on page 9.


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2.TubeMogul, 2014.