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The 2019 SteelHouse Holiday Guide is Here

Written by Tim Edmundson

The holidays are a special time of year when families and friends gather round to express their love for one another. For marketers, it’s all about love AND driving the best performance possible. And with the SteelHouse Holiday Guide, we intend to show you how to do just that. 

This past holiday season, we launched over 7,700 retargeting, branding, and prospecting campaigns through display, mobile, social, and Connected TV. We analyzed over 3+ billion ad impressions served by 1,000+ brands through our platform to see what worked best. 

That analysis is the basis of our advice to you in this guide. We’ve crunched the numbers, measured the trends, and identified the opportunities. We know what worked in the past, as well as what will perform strongest this year. We’ve compiled all that info into the 2019 SteelHouse Holiday Guide, and now we share it with you! 

Download the 2019 SteelHouse Holiday Guide today, and get your campaigns ready for the busy holiday season.

Key Holiday Highlights

In a hurry? We’ve got you covered — before taking the time to read the guide, check out these quick snapshots of some of our interesting findings.

Once Black Friday Hits, Shoppers Spend Well into Cyber Week
SteelHouse data from the 2018 holiday shopping season suggests that once Black Friday gets closer on the calendar, shoppers wait to convert. In the 10 days leading up to Black Friday, conversions dropped while site traffic soared. This seems to indicate that shoppers were researching potential purchases, but waiting until Black Friday and Cyber Week deals went live to complete their purchases. 

Connected TV Drives Conversions as a Performance Channel
Based on Q4 2018 SteelHouse campaign data, Connected TV paired with Audience Extension ads (which are display ads that are served to viewers who saw the CTV ad) were more effective at driving site visits than social and display prospecting campaigns. And impressively, they were also extremely effective at driving users to convert — the holiday Connected TV campaigns averaged 6X ROAS. 

Prospecting and Retargeting Are More Effective Together
Brands that ran prospecting campaigns, as well as retargeting, saw significant benefits through the entirety of Q4. Lower funnel efforts are more effective when they have a large targeting pool to choose from. By launching prospecting campaigns early in the holiday season, you can drive more site traffic, increase your retargeting pool, and then drive more conversions as you bring those users further down the funnel.

Get the Guide Today

Your holiday campaigns will thank you. Download the guide today, and set yourself up for a very merry holiday marketing season.