Streaming TV is Key to Victory in 2020 Election, Says SteelHouse CEO

Jun 1, 2020

As the November 2020 election draws closer, political campaigns are looking for the most efficient and cost effective way to reach voters. “I think the political campaign that learns to use streaming television the most effectively as an advertising vehicle is going to have a huge advantage in the 2020 election,” SteelHouse CEO, Mark Douglas told Fox News.

The new, untapped advantage in this election cycle is streaming television. CTV advertising allows campaigns to micro-target the voters they want to reach, leading to a much larger bang for their buck. Instead of using traditional television ads to target DMAs – which waste valuable monetary resources by broadcasting to people who don’t care about their message – campaigns can use streaming television and custom audience segments to target the exact voters they want to reach. This spreads their message more effectively and generates a higher ROAS.

It’s this micro-targeting that Douglas believes could be the key to winning the 2020 Presidential election.

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