SteelHouse Integrates Shutterstock API to Provide Brands with Millions of Images & Videos for Free

Strategic Technology Integration Allows Advertisers to Use Shutterstock Content Without Leaving the SteelHouse Advertising Suite

LOS ANGELES, May 14, 2019 — SteelHouse, an advertising software company, today announces its integration of Shutterstock, a leading global technology company offering high-quality content, tools, and services through its creative platform. SteelHouse is now a part of the Shutterstock API Partner Program and has completed an integration to include the vast Shutterstock library in the Ad Builder of their Advertising Suite.

The Ad Builder lets marketers create ads from scratch or use a library of professionally-designed ad templates, which can be customized to include animation, scenes, images, video, and product carousels. It requires no coding and automatically resizes ads for any channel. For more on the SteelHouse Ad Builder, visit:

“Integrating Shutterstock’s API directly into our Ad Builder means a seamless experience for SteelHouse customers,” said Mark Douglas, SteelHouse CEO. “Having access to Shutterstock’s collection means advertisers are able to easily tell their brand stories with high-quality images and video that are free to use and all available for commercial use.”

Through this integration, SteelHouse customers are able to search and then drag and drop assets from a collection of millions of professional-quality images and videos into their campaigns at no additional cost and without having to leave the SteelHouse Advertising Suite.

“At the core of any successful advertising campaign is the ability to tell a brand story which relies heavily on powerful visuals,” said Alex Reynolds, GM, Platform Solutions at Shutterstock. “The integration into SteelHouse’s platform is exciting because it means advertisers can design highly targeted campaigns that resonate with their audiences and ultimately lead them to take action.”

By integrating the Shutterstock image and video collection, SteelHouse is joining other notable platforms that are leveraging Shutterstock’s technology to deliver high-quality visuals to customers directly within their existing workflow whether that’s an ad platform, website builder or content marketing tool.

About SteelHouse
SteelHouse is an AI-driven, self-service advertising software company for brands of all sizes. The SteelHouse Advertising Suite provides marketers with everything they need to build their own ads then launch retargeting and prospecting campaigns through display, mobile, native, connected TV, and social media. Our solutions give advertisers total transparency and complete control over their campaigns – all with the fastest go-live in the industry.