Dynamic Spend Optimization

Your campaign automatically optimizes all day, every day, using billions of data points across the SteelHouse network.

Dynamic Spend Optimization




Non-Stop Optimization

Dynamic Spend Optimization works nonstop to optimize your campaign and drive the strongest possible performance. It doesn’t take coffee breaks, come in hungover, or need to sleep — it is a 24/7 media buyer with the sole purpose of making your campaign the best it can be.

Day Impressions Conversions
Total 26,853 243
02 / 20 / 20202,84855
02 / 19 / 20202,50045
02 / 18 / 20203,00038
02 / 17 / 20202,90032
02 / 16 / 20203,49827
02 / 15 / 20202,27324
02 / 14 / 20202,92822

Your Next Ad is Smarter Than the Last

Your campaign automatically leverages new data in real time.

No Bid, Just Budget and Goal

No Bid, Just Budget and Goal

Our technology bids intelligently on its own to drive the biggest impact.

All Channels

Optimized to Perform

Your budget goes toward the channels and inventory that drive the best performance.

We're not the only ones who know machines manage media better

Download MAGNA's recent study The Humans vs. The Machines.

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The goal of right message, right person, right time is a lot more complex than marketers realize...It is a market that necessitates real-time optimization and the use of machines learning to deliver the best results of marketers.

-David Cohen, President, NA, MAGNA

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