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SteelHouse Digital

Reaching your best customers has never been easier. SteelHouse Digital allows brands and agencies to launch retargeting campaigns, build creative in minutes, and reach their ideal audiences with an intelligent optimization engine.

SteelHouse Digital

An Automated, Intelligent Advertising Platform

SteelHouse Digital powers your retargeting campaigns with intelligent optimizations that drive serious performance.

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User interface showing retargeting and prospecting ad templates and retargeting ad examples.

Retarget Site Visitors and Capture Conversions

Bring users back to your site to convert across display and mobile with an intuitive, easy to use platform.

  1. Easy Campaign Setup

    Just build or upload your creative, select your audience, and then set your budget and goal.

  2. Goals That Impact the Bottom Line

    Focus on the ad engagements that drive revenue by choosing either a ROAS or eCPA goal.

  3. Viewable, Brand Safe Reach

    Target and reach millions of users across brand safe publishers with highly viewable inventory.

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Non-Stop Optimization for Every Campaign

Our Dynamic Spend Optimization technology ensures your campaigns automatically optimize all day, every day, using billions of data points across the SteelHouse network.

  1. Leverage Data in Real Time

    New data is continuously incorporated, ensuring each ad is smarter than the last.

  2. No Bid, Just Budget & Goal

    Our technology bids intelligently on its own to drive the biggest impact possible.

  3. One Budget for All Channels

    Our optimization technology allocates spend to whichever channel is most effective.

How It Works
Day Impressions Conversions
Total 26,853 243
11 / 28 / 20202,84855
11 / 27 / 20202,50045
11 / 26 / 20203,00038
11 / 25 / 20202,90032
11 / 24 / 20203,49827
11 / 23 / 20202,27324
11 / 22 / 20202,92822
No Bid, Just Budget & Goal
All Channels

An Ad Builder Designed to Make Life Easier

Design, build, and launch creative in just minutes, and then watch as our Ad Builder automatically generates dozens of ad sizes to increase your reach.

  1. Build One Ad, Get Dozens of Ad Sizes

    Create a single ad, and it’s resized automatically for every format and ad channel.

  2. Professionally Designed Templates

    Access hundreds of performance-oriented creative templates to inspire your own ads.

  3. Full Access to Shutterstock

    Select images and video from Shutterstock’s content library at no extra cost.

See For Yourself
Sample surfing ad template in the SteelHouse Ad Builder
Ad templates resized in the SteelHouse Ad Builder
Full Access to Shutterstock

Reporting That Tells the Full Story

Get the most detailed analytics in the industry for complete transparency into clicks, conversions, spend, and more — all in a fully customizable reporting suite.

  1. Fully Customizable Reporting

    Create an unlimited number of reporting dashboards that can be accessed at anytime.

  2. Cross-Device Integrated Into Google Analytics

    Track and verify all traffic and conversions across all devices in Google Analytics.

  3. Go Beyond View-Throughs with Verified Visits

    Measure any user visits to your site following the guaranteed in-view display of your ads.

More About Measurement
PublisherImpressionsTotal Verified VisitsSite Visits
CBS News50,4321,22290
ESPN 299,87214,232121
Food Network34,3227,89487
History Channel34,2317,89945

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See the performance you can drive with the SteelHouse Advertising Suite


SteelHouse’s retargeting solution allows advertisers to retarget previous site visitors on web and mobile. SteelHouse Performance TV also enables advertisers to retarget users on Connected TV devices such as Roku, Firestick, AppleTV, and other smart TVs. In addition, you are able to track and measure results on both Google Analytics and the SteelHouse platform. This makes it a true cross device remarketing solution as you will be able to launch targeted advertising campaigns on laptops, computers, mobile devices, and on streaming TV devices and networks. Request a demo today to learn more about the SteelHouse Retargeting solution.

Yes, we offer dynamic retargeting / remarketing. With SteelHouse dynamic retargeting, you can show previous visitors ads of products and services they viewed on your site. Dynamic site retargeting and dynamic mobile retargeting allows you to remarket to those who have previously visited your website or mobile app. Request a demo today for more information about dynamic remarketing.

No, because the SteelHouse Smart Pixel allows advertisers to run retargeting campaigns without the need for a product feed. Simply place the pixel on your website and you are able to retarget site visitors with the products and services they viewed on your website. Request a demo today to learn more about remarketing without product feeds.