SteelHouse Announces Launch of Performance TV Retargeting Platform

The new ad technology combines digital retargeting with Connected TV

Los Angeles, April 21, 2020 — SteelHouse, an advertising software company, today announces the launch of the industry’s first Performance TV retargeting platform. SteelHouse was the first to transform television into a performance marketing channel with SteelHouse Performance TV. With the launch of Performance TV retargeting, they have further combined the efficiency of digital advertising with the impact of Connected TV, bringing a direct response ad experience to existing website visitors.

The new advertising technology, currently available as a beta feature in the SteelHouse Performance TV platform, allows advertisers to retarget their website visitors across Connected TV, web, and mobile devices—creating a fully immersive advertising experience.

For over a decade, SteelHouse has helped advertisers generate billions of dollars in sales with display retargeting technology. Now, they have taken that expertise and applied it to the ultimate marketing channel: television. 

“Our advertisers have been tremendously pleased with the early results of their Connected TV retargeting campaigns,” said SteelHouse Chief Product Officer Marwan Soghaier. “What has surprised them the most is how the performance of Connected TV as a retargeting channel has surpassed the performance of display retargeting campaigns.”

Advertisers can track their ad campaign performance directly within the SteelHouse platform and by leveraging Performance TV’s integration with Google Analytics. Initial results have been overwhelmingly positive; when comparing Performance TV retargeting campaigns against advertisers running display-only retargeting, Performance TV has outperformed in key metrics. 

  • Verified Visit Rate: 73% higher than display retargeting
  • Cost per Visit: 12% lower than display retargeting
  • Efficiency: Approximately 75% less impressions to drive 1 visit

Performance TV retargeting is available today for beta customers. For more information, visit:

About SteelHouse

SteelHouse provides advertising software for brands to reach their audience across Connected TV, web, and mobile. SteelHouse Performance TV has redefined what it means to advertise on television, transforming Connected TV into a direct response, performance marketing channel. SteelHouse’s web retargeting has been leveraged by thousands of top brands for over a decade, driving billions of dollars in revenue.