SteelHouse and Coremetrics Partner Up for Behavioral-Based Real Time Offers and Retargeting

Coremetrics AdTarget™ users can now leverage the benefits of SteelHouse’s Real Time Offers™ and Retargeting to drive sales and increase conversions.

LOS ANGELES (Mar. 12, 2012) – SteelHouse (, a behavioral commerce company powering the industry’s only real time marketing solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with Coremetrics, a leader in marketing optimization. Through this partnership, Coremetrics AdTarget users can now reap the benefits of SteelHouse’s award-winning behavioral Real Time Offer and Retargeting capabilities to drive revenue, enhance brand awareness and improve consumer engagement through segmented campaign ads and offers.

With a drag and drop feature, CoreMetrics AdTarget clients can further enhance their marketing optimization and analytic efforts by enabling users to immediately launch relevant and personalized display ad campaigns and live offers based on unique behavioral data. With the SteelHouse Behavioral Commerce Platform™, clients can identify the shopping and buying behavior of their customers and then act on this data by delivering retargeted or immediate offers on their site via Real Time Offers, leading to higher conversions.

SteelHouse’s Real Time Offers are branded, customizable messaging campaigns that deliver targeted offers to specific shopper segments, while they’re actually on a retailer’s site. They can appear anywhere on that site and are installed by a single JavaScript tag. Powered by the SteelHouse Behavioral Commerce Platform™, Real Time Offers are easily accessible from a user-friendly interface and do not require additional engineering or creative resources. By targeting shoppers based on their behavior and then immediately messaging these shoppers, Real Time Offers increase conversion rates and average order values across all shopper segments.

“One thing we know about eCommerce is that relevance is absolutely critical to driving higher conversion rates. Consumers have to care about the products and messages being presented to them or they just tune them out,” said John Squire, chief strategy officer, Coremetrics. “We’re delighted to partner with SteelHouse to make it incredibly easy for any Coremetrics customer to deliver truly personalized display advertising—with highly relevant product selections, messages and offers—all with a simple drag and drop.”

Together, Coremetrics and SteelHouse are delivering solutions for retailers looking to increase customer engagement as well as sales revenue. The joint solution combines the advertiser’s online shopping data, captured by Coremetrics’ web analytics tags, with SteelHouse’s Retargeting and Real Time Offers to create highly personalized display ads that can be trafficked against any media placement. With SteelHouse’s solutions, retailers are able to place the right offers in front of the right shoppers, regardless of where they navigate to on the web.

“SteelHouse’s technology lets eCommerce marketers understand their shoppers, narrow in on specific shopper segments and deliver highly relevant messages via targeted display ads and real time offers to close the sale,” said Mark Douglas, President and CEO of SteelHouse. “Now, CoreMetrics users will have the ability to act in real time and deploy targeted offers and campaigns as well as manage and optimize these campaigns with our proven ROI behavioral-retargeting capabilities.”

About SteelHouse

SteelHouse™ (, a data-driven marketing technology company, brings innovative advertising solutions to brands, agencies, and eCommerce marketers. The SteelHouse team is comprised of veteran direct marketers and engineers from eHarmony, E*TRADE, Oracle and the Rubicon Project. Together, they’ve built the easiest Cloud-based Marketing Platform – SteelHouse CANVAS – one platform for acquisition and retention, which consistently keeps the same message in front of an audience through display, onsite, and social. SteelHouse reaches more than 170 million consumers a month, across hundreds of the world’s largest brands with its award-winning creative and retargeting technologies. SteelHouse is based in Culver City, California.

About Coremetrics AdTarget™

AdTarget ( is an integrated component of the IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite, which enables businesses to more successfully attract, convert and retain online visitors and customers. The advanced segmentation capabilities of AdTarget are powered by the IBM Coremetrics Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience (LIVE) Profile technology that tracks a customer’s browsing over the long term – including offline information – not just the first or last click.

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