What Are YOU Thankful For?

Written by Tim Edmundson

What are you thankful for? With Thanksgiving steadily approaching, it’s time think about what you’re thankful for. If you’re in my family, you’d be forced to stand up at the dinner table to announce the many things you’re grateful for. This happens all while slightly tipsy family members talk over you and argue about what you’ve left out. Inevitably, a younger cousin adds their new PS4 to the list and everyone laughs.

As marketers, we have it much easier because we’ve had some great things to be thankful for this season, and chances are you don’t have to deal with  Aunt Mildred interrupting you.

Here are the top 3 tools marketers are thankful for this year:

1 | INSTAGRAM ADVERTISING:  Thank you for access to a massive audience.

WHY ARE WE THANKFUL? Two months ago, Instagram announced that it is open to advertising to businesses of all sizes in markets around the world. Instagram Advertising has proven to be the next largest social network with analysts predicting their annual revenue will yield as much as $1 billion in the next three years. Marketers are thankful for access to this photo-centric network’s 400 million+ users.

But you can’t be thankful for Instagram without mentioning it’s parent company, Facebook.  Instagram has the ability to target its ads to very specific audiences using technology and data from Facebook. This all culminates in click-through rates that are through the roof with users showing 2 ½ more clicks than any other social media platform.

And the gifts just keep coming. According to Instagram, 1 in 5 minutes spent on mobile devices is spent on either Instagram or Facebook, which means synced promos between the two seems inevitable in the near future.

Thank You For:

• 30 second video ads (not the 15 second videos individuals get)
250% increase in click-through rates
400 million users in the community
• A highly engaged audience
• Use of image, video, and carousel ads
• Increases in clicks to site, mobile app installs, and mass awareness

2 | AD FRAUD DETECTION:  Thank you for saving my marketing dollars  –  from robots.

WHY ARE WE THANKFUL? Ad Fraud is nothing to be thankful for. This deliberate practice of attempting to serve ads that have no potential to be viewed by a human user is costing brands more than $6 billion a year. But this Thanksgiving, we can say thank you to the technology behind ad fraud detection.

Companies like Integral Ad Science and Trustworthy Accountability Group have entered the detection space and are changing the game. These companies, and others like them, are helping to distinguish impressions from fraudulent bot networks, click farms, pay to click sites, click bots, and botnets; using a combination of big data and session-based analysis. Thanks to these technologies, brands can spend their marketing dollars on ads that will actually be seen.

Thank You For:

• Saving brands and marketers over $160,000,000 a year
• Fighting internet piracy
• Increasing the accuracy of spend planning and bid calculations
• Increasing performance by limiting wasted impressions
• Furthering our marketing dollars

3 | CROSS DEVICE ATTRIBUTION:  Thank you for making my analytics make sense.

WHY ARE WE THANKFUL? Because of cross device attribution, the path to conversion no longer breaks when people change devices. With this tool, marketers can now get a total picture of their audience behavior, instead of picking through 3 separate sources regarding devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop).

We can now track browsing, multiscreen use, “search now and buy later” behavior, time, and device preference. Thanks to cross device attribution we can get a refined path to conversion and better target our audience in an effective way.

Thank You For:

• Accounting for the 77% of people who search on their phone and convert on a separate device
• Finding 32% of browsing is done on mobile, then converted on desktop
• One conversion path, no matter what device the shopper uses
• A connection of devices

These tools have offered marketers a better way to get shoppers through to the point of conversion. So carve the turkey and don’t forget to add these three to your list of things to be thankful for!