Simplify Your Media Buying

Written by Tim Edmundson

Digital advertising is a technology-managed business – any marketer can tell you that. As a result, most marketers must navigate, manage, and master multiple platforms spread across multiple vendors to be effective. We all know how daunting the usual workload can be (especially during the holidays), and having to juggle so much can lead to wasted time, a lack of transparency on digital media buys, and a dip in performance. There’s only so much time in the day after all, and all of these things require attention. Overcoming these challenges should be the number one priority for any marketer looking to effectively purchase media and manage their campaigns.

SteelHouse teamed up with Forrester Consulting to better understand the challenges marketers face in today’s digital advertising landscape, and the results show that a single platform with the right pricing model solves a lot of headaches for the modern marketer.

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