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    You Should be Running Snap Ads

    The Mobile App Boasts an Enormous Audience of Young, Savvy, and Engaged Users

    Written by Tim Edmundson & Rachel Redman

    Social 5 Min Read

    You Should be Running Snap Ads

    The Mobile App Boasts an Enormous Audience of Young, Savvy, and Engaged Users

    Written by Tim Edmundson & Rachel Redman

    Are you advertising on Snapchat? You should be — Snapchat is an excellent platform to expand your brand presence. The short-form video social platform boasts impressive numbers, with 180+ million people logging in on a daily basis, and roughly 90 million users in the US reachable over a multi-week campaign

    Snapchat has an impressive, engaged user base, which means its a great place to connect your brand with your target audience. And there’s no better way of getting their attention than taking advantage of Snapchat’s strongest ad innovation, the Snap Ad. They’re full-screen, 100% viewable, and have audio on by default. And best of all, your brand can easily launch Snap Ad campaigns through the SteelHouse Innovation Hub.

    Before jumping in, though, let’s explore why Snap Ads are a good fit for your brand.

    Why Advertise on Snapchat?

    There are many reasons why Snapchat is a great place to advertise, but the biggest one is the audience. Snap users are all-in on the app, and the numbers back it up:

    > 187 Million | Number of daily users
    > 25+ | Average number of times daily active users open the app every day
    > 30+ | Average minutes spent in the app each day
    > 60%+ | Average percentage of users who create daily content on the platform
    > 10 Billion | Number of videos watched on Snapchat every day

    Not only are hundreds of millions of people people firing up the app every day, they’re consuming — and submitting — content at a very high rate. That means your ads have a strong chance of connecting with an already engaged audience.

    But who is the Snapchat audience, exactly? Here’s a quick rundown of the demographics:

    > 20% | Percentage of 13-17 year olds who are daily users
    > 36% | Percentage of 18-24 year olds who are daily users
    > 27% | Percentage of 25-34 year olds who are daily users
    > 17% | Percentage of 35+ year olds who are daily users
    > 25%+ | Smartphone users in the U.S., U.K., and France who use Snapchat every day.
    > 60%+ | Daily Active Users come from the top ten advertising markets

    If your target audience happens to fall into any of those demographics, you would be a fool to not be running ads on Snapchat. You’re no fool, right? Good. Now, let’s see what it takes to create an awesome ad for Snapchat. Keep this important note in mind: your ads need to match the Snapchat experience if they’re going to resonate with your audience.

    How to Advertise on Snapchat: Snap Ads

    Snap is a video-focused platform, which means your ads better be as well. Snapchat has a few different options, including custom filters and lenses, but let’s focus on the premier ad offering: Snap Ads.

    These full-screen ads offer all the creative freedom of regular Snaps, but make your brand the focus. We recommend these be in the video format — whether it be motion graphic, live, cinemagraph, or a GIF — since motion always catches the eye better than a still image. You do have the option of using a still image if you’d like, however.

    Snapchat’s main draw, its disappearing content, helps create a sense of urgency on the app. Tap into that with your ads, and play to that idea. Create that same sense of urgency when creating your ads — keep them short, focused, and to the point. Keep these recommendations (straight from Snapchat themselves) in mind:

    > Focus on one key message | Don’t try to jam too much into your ad
    > Up-Front Branding | Include branding in the first 2 seconds
    > Strong CTA | Feature a strong and relevant CTA for Snap Ads with Attachments
    > Test Different Length Ads | Try 3, 5, and 10 second ads to see what resonates with your audience
    > Keep Audio in Mind | Audio is on by default, so make sure you design ads with sound
    > Objective-Oriented | Always keep your objective in mind when creating your ad

    On the flip side, be aware of these Snap Ad restrictions:

    > No Letterboxing | Don’t add plain rectangle boxes that take up the majority of the ad or screen
    > No Usernames | Don’t include Snapchat usernames, unless you’re specifically promoting a Snapchat account
    > No Snapcodes | Don’t use or promote Snapcodes
    > Nothing Misleading | Don’t spoof publisher content to mislead users
    > No Snap Elements | Don’t use Snapchat UI elements, Snap trademarks, or falsely imply any sort of partnership with Snap
    > No “Swipe Up” | Don’t use text or visual graphics to tell users to swipe up (keep this in mind if you’re repurposing an Instagram ad)
    > No “Screenshot or “Share” | No visuals to tell your audience to do either (you CAN instruct users to do this with a voiceover, however)

    Most of those are pretty straight-forward and common sense. If you avoid doing any of the above you should avoid creative revisions, and be able to get your ads up quickly.

    So What Can Snap Ads Do for You?

    By now, you should realize how engaged, active, and numerous Snapchat’s audience is. By tapping into that audience with Snapchat’s powerful targeting features, you’re putting yourself in a position to get a lot of engagement and raise your brand awareness.

    Another important thing to note is Snapchat is a mobile platform. This means its a great conduit for improving mobile site traffic for your business. Ensure you have a smooth mobile experience for your site if you’re planning on running ads on Snapchat. There’s nothing worse than driving traffic to your site and having a new customer’s first impression be a poor one. With a solid mobile experience, your Snapchat ads will do a world of good for your brand.

    Are you excited to start running ads on Snapchat? If you’re somehow not convinced by this point, check out some client quotes from brands that are currently running Snap Ads with SteelHouse.

    > “This is the lowest add to cart CPA we’ve EVER SEEN for Prospecting”
    > “We are seeing 97% new users in GA, which tells us this is true prospecting!”

    So what are you waiting for? The time to launch a Snap Ad campaign is now, so let us help you out. Start the conversation with our Innovation Hub team here, and get exclusive access to betas with the Snap pixel.

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