SteelHouse launches dedicated optimization for streaming television ads

Your Guide to Memorial Day Marketing in 2020

Millions of Americans kick off their summer on Memorial Day Weekend, which means they’re shopping for what they need to start the season right. And due to the COVID-19 crisis, this year they’re buying more online than ever before—here’s how to turn the uptick in activity into a major opportunity. You’ll learn: The current consumer […]

Mother’s Day Campaign Recommendations

Due to the current global crisis and mass stay-at-home orders, this Mother’s Day will have an especially heavy focus on ecommerce. We’ve put together a campaign strategy guide to help you navigate this year’s special circumstances.  You’ll learn:  Revenue and conversion trends leading to the big day. The ad channels positioned to make the strongest […]

Post-Holiday Report: Performance TV Unwrapped

Hundreds of brands. Thousands of campaigns. Billions of ad impressions – we analyzed them all to uncover what worked best for advertisers this past holiday season. The biggest takeaway? 2019 was the year Connected TV proved itself as a top-tier performance marketing channel, and it’s looking like 2020 will be even bigger. This is the year […]

Ecommerce Campaign Starter Pack

Ecommerce marketing is all about efficiently maximizing your efforts. We’ve put together this Ecommerce Campaign Starter Pack to provide insight into the ad channels – from paid search to Connected TV – that will deliver the strongest performance possible.  In this guide, we’ll cover:  Paid search campaigns Display retargeting tips and tricks Social advertising best […]

Your Connected TV Terminology Cheat Sheet

Connected TV is currently one of the fastest growing channels in advertising – and if you want to keep up, you’re going to have to get up to speed with the ins and outs of CTV. You’ll learn: The need-to-know Connected TV jargon A robust list of devices, inventory, and content formats A crash course […]

2019 SteelHouse Holiday Guide

This past holiday season, we launched over 7,700 retargeting, branding, and prospecting campaigns through display, mobile, social, and Connected TV. We analyzed over 3+ billion ad impressions served by 1,000+ brands through our platform to see what worked best.

Back-to-School Guide 2019

Back-to-School is the second biggest shopping season of the year, which means there’s millions of parents and students looking for everything they need for the new school year. With the SteelHouse Back-To-School Guide, you’ll be ready for them. You’ll learn: Key stats and figures that show where and when shoppers are buying The types of […]

Your 10 Minute Guide to Prospecting

Want to up your prospecting game? Then you better know how to target new, valuable audiences. Our guide walks you through what it takes to launch effective prospecting campaigns, and explains how to best utilize targeting data and engaging creative to help drive new customers to your site. You’ll Learn: Why any advertiser needs to […]