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2019 Post-Holiday Benchmark Report

This holiday shopping season, we launched over 7,700 retargeting, branding, and prospecting campaigns through display, mobile, social, and Connected TV. We analyzed over 3+ billion ad impressions served by 1,000+ brands through our platform to see what made the biggest impact. We’ll cover: Which shopping days commanded the most attention What channels and formats perform […]

Holiday Report 2018

Based on the data we’ve collected from 17 billion impressions last year across big brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Overstock.com, Travelocity, and more — here’s what should be on your holiday wish this year: Create relevant holiday ads you know will perform Capture more customers with campaigns that work together Time your campaigns to when people […]

Back to School Mini Guide 2018

School is out, and summer has arrived, which for advertisers means it’s time to start thinking about back to school marketing for the 2018 fall start. Here’s what you need to know to pass with flying colors during this back-to-school season. We’ll cover: What to expect from back-to-school shoppers Audiences to target Campaign recommendations What […]

Holiday Digital Marketing Mini-Guide 2017

Your Annual Guide to Navigating the Season. Every marketer can use a little help, especially when it comes to their holiday marketing campaigns. So we have compiled the latest holiday marketing trends, best practices, and innovative campaign ideas. We’ll cover: Holiday planning checklist The fastest growing channels that hold your biggest opportunity. Campaign tips for […]

Holiday Digital Marketing Guide 2016

Need some holiday marketing help? We've compiled the latest holiday marketing trends, best practices, and innovative campaign ideas.

Email Marketing & Social Media

Learn how to boost campaign performance by targeting your email subscribers in social. We’ll cover: The evolution of email Reasons to target your subscribers elsewhere Campaign tactics and how to create social ads that convert

A/B Split Testing Guide & Conversion Optimization White Paper

How to best test for conversion success. We’ll cover: The importance of the conversion What A/B testing is The benefits of testing Testing Tips

Segmentation // From Data Points To Dollar Signs

How to best test for campaign success. We’ll cover: What segmentation is How behavioral segmentation differs Why real-time segmentation is important How to use your segments, and how to get started