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“SteelHouse’s segmentation technology made a significant impact in Evo’s conversion rates when compared to control groups, resulting in a 237% increase in conversion rate.”

Segmentation: The Future of Behavioral Commerce Campaigns

SteelHouse’s award-winning Behavioral Marketing Platform enables eCommerce marketers to target different types of shoppers based on their behavior, shopping personality and shopping history. SteelHouse’s exclusive segmentation technology uncovers significant incremental lift opportunities through predictive shopping personality behaviors, enabling clients to truly understand each of their audiences and deliver the right incentive at the right time, in the right manner and through the right channel to maximize revenue and optimize ad spend.

Evo, a Top 500 Internet Retailer of skate, snowboard and extreme sports equipment, has been a SteelHouse client since March 2010. They chose to implement segmentation rather than industry-norm dynamic ads and have never looked back.

According to SteelHouse Clients, There is No Competition

Evo had been using three online advertising vendors and were on the lookout for a better return on investment. SteelHouse presented the perfect solution to evo’s marketing ROI problem and introduced them to personality-driven behavioral marketing campaigns to improve their conversions, sales, and revenue.

SteelHouse took Evo’s business to new heights by serving segmented ads according to their site visitors’ shopping behavior and personalities and building in-depth profiles so Evo could more effectively market to them as individuals.

Segmentation Delivered a 237% Increase in Conversion Rate

SteelHouse’s breakthrough segmentation and personality-driven behavioral marketing technology made a dramatic difference in Evo’s conversion rates when compared to control groups. It comes down to fully-accessible analytics that identifies exactly which segments are the most effective and allow marketers to make marketing decisions that continue to grow their month-over-month revenue.

SteelHouse’s Cloud-Based Behavioral Marketing Platform

  • Award-Winning Behavioral Marketing Technology
    SteelHouse was selected as one of the Top 10 Internet Technologies in the world for its pioneering work in Behavioral Commerce.
  • World’s Only Personality-Driven Shopper Platform
    Our Behavioral Marketing Platform is the only solution that enables you to give different offers to different types of shopping personalities to optimize revenue and maximize margins.
  • Understand Your Shoppers and Act
    SteelHouse helps you understand your shoppers by their personality and behavior and discover what motivates them to purchase. Then, you can immediately act by launching segmented, escalating offers across ad networks and multiple client channels (i.e. homepage, offsite ads, etc.) to increase your revenue substantially.
  • Outstanding Campaign Services Team
    Dedicated, experienced Campaign Managers work closely with you, so you get the most out of SteelHouse’s exclusive Behavioral Marketing Platform.
  • Industry-Leading Reporting and Data Transparency
    SteelHouse provides complete transparency into all your campaigns — if we can see it, so can you! No one compares!

“SteelHouse’s segmentation technology made a significant impact in Evo’s conversion rates when compared to control groups, resulting in a 237% increase in conversion rate.”

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