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Just Announced | Real-Time Segmentation by Device

Written by Tim Edmundson

build audience by device

SteelHouse has extended their award-winning segmentation engine to now provide unprecedented flexibility over targeting mobile audiences.This is the latest addition to SteelHouse’s marketing platform, CANVAS – designed by marketers to provide complete control over retargeting and acquisition campaigns.

According to industry data, 87% of marketers are buying mobile web ads, but only 11% are using segments in those campaigns. With CANVAS, marketers can segment in real time by device against any number of attributes, and most importantly against any shopping behavior, a feature not offered by any other display platform in the industry.

“With over 50% of site traffic coming from mobile, there’s clearly a huge focus in the industry to monetize this channel,” said Mark Douglas, President and CEO. “Applying our segmentation technology to mobile just made sense.”

SteelHouse customers have been blown away by their mobile campaign performance so far. An early adopter of mobile segmentation, a well-known lifestyle apparel brand, is seeing click to conversion rates 175% higher than the industry average for fashion and apparel. And their cart abandonment campaigns are performing over 300% higher.