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Political Ad Spend on CTV Increased 900% since April

Written by Tim Edmundson

As we enter the final days of the U.S. election, many political advertisers are attempting picking up the pace in getting their message out. And they’re paying extra attention to where potential voters will be. With the rise in consumption of Connected TV during the pandemic, it could only be expected that campaigns would increase ad spend in this channel. And according to SpotX, they did, to the tune of a 900% increase in political ad spend on CTV since April. While some of this rise is likely due to the fact that the election is occurring this year, there are a number of other factors that also contributed. 

Connected TV has a few important features that appeal to political advertisers looking to make an impact. Not only is this channel where viewers are watching, as 70% of persuadable voters have an ad-supported streaming TV service, but public perception also favors Connected TV. A recent study completed by Magnite found that CTV content is more brand safe than social media for political candidates – viewers have shown they are more likely to seek further information about a campaign after being exposed to a political message on CTV. This channel also allows candidates to change their ads quickly, unlike with traditional TV. Ultimately, campaigns that haven’t taken advantage of Connected TV’s increase in interest  and users are missing out on getting their ads in front of potential voters.

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